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SmartPak Academy: Bristol County Horsemen’s Association

Recently, the SmartPak Barn team was welcomed by the Bristol County Horsemen’s Association for a SmartPak Academy event. The BCHA is a club based out of Rehoboth, MA that strives to advance safe riding and responsible horsemanship through guest speakers, clinics and group trail rides. Around 40 members joined us at a local fire station with great questions and conversations about their horses and health regimens. We started off the night with a presentation from SmartPakers Kristen and Susan that covered two important issues facing horses today: joint and digestive health. After discussing osteoarthritis and joint health in horses of all ages and disciplines,Kristen went over some of the proven risk factors for colic. For instance, did you know that changes to a horse’s hay puts a horse at greater risk for colic than grain changes? (Changes in hay increase colic risk by 10x, while changes in grain lead to a 5x greater risk). Research has also shown that ingredients like prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and yeast, as found in SmartDigest Ultra, can help support a horse’s stressed hindgut.


What a wonderful audience we had, The BCHA members asked thoughtful questions and seemed very excited to learn more about these issues, which affect all horse owners.



We finished up the night chatting one-on-one with the audience about their horses while enjoying some delicious snacks. The members shared great stories while SmartPakers Susan, Kristen and Jenn consulted on what supplements could be used to address concerns and round out individual horse’s health regimens.Thank you to Wendy, Tuck and the rest of the BCHA for inviting us to this fun event!

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