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Why My Horse Loves that I Work at SmartPak – Marisa C.


To get an idea of how happy my horse is that I get to work for an awesome company like SmartPak, just picture a kid in a candy shop. Luckily Bug doesn’t know what a candy shop is, but if she did, I think that she would agree that SmartPak is way better than any candy shop in her world! Bug got her name because she has a big personality and enjoys investigating everything and trying new things. Most of us here at SmartPak love to be able to try new products and spoil our horses at the same time, so with Bug’s “gotta-check-it-out personality” and a variety of awesome new products to try, Bug and my job here at SmartPak are a match made in horse heaven.

Bug2012 1

Bug loves it when I bring new supplements home and she gets to try them out. She doesn’t realize that she is helping to make sure that our SmartSupplements taste great by participating in our many rounds of palatability testing; she just knows that she gets an extra snack! She also loves that she never ever runs out of treats as I have a never-ending supply available to order every day. Treats are very important to Bug!

Bug also enjoys attention – a lot of it. One of her very favorite activities is being groomed. She will stand on the cross ties for hours if I have the time and let me curry and brush her. She makes squishy faces and chomps her teeth when I am grooming, especially itchy areas like the sides of her withers. She also will reach around and show you where to groom if your currying is not meeting her expectations. Any time a customer tells me that they like a grooming product or a new one comes out, I am compelled to try it with Miss Bug. In her opinion, this is great. Part of me thinks that she finds customers to tell me about products so that I will buy them for her.


We often test new tack and equipment as well. Bug likes this because she gets to look flashy and model new products before any other horse in the barn even knows what is going on. She does not like that this normally means that she has to get tacked up….and work…(Bug doesn’t like to work). However she does LOVE trying the latest and greatest in saddle pads, boots and bridles. Usually I end up liking the products that we test so much that I of course have to buy them for her, so even though she has to work, it ends up being a win for her!

Bug instagram

Lastly Bug looks and feels great because of her SmartPaks! She is 17 and is moving wonderfully thanks to her SmartFlex Senior Pellets, DMG by SmartPak, which helps keep her muscles healthy, SmartSox which helps her feet feel great every day, and she gets all of the vitamins and minerals that she needs from SmartVite EZ Keeper Grass Pellets. She is so happy and feels better than ever. I really love knowing that she is always getting all of her supplements even if I can’t be there every single day!

Many people bring their dogs to work every day as we have a dog friendly office and I know Bug would love nothing more than to come to work every day and let everyone give her tons of attention and treats. I keep telling her that she is a little too big to fit through the doors so until the SmartPak offices become “horse friendly” as well, she is very happy to have all of our wonderful supplements and products come to her!

Bug 2012 3

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One comment on “Why My Horse Loves that I Work at SmartPak – Marisa C.
  1. rideudstyr says:

    Super great pictures you have taken you along with your horse :). May I ask you? how many years you have intressert you for horses etc? put you up to div cups?

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