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Meet John, Jill and Briggs Show Horses


Success Profile: Briggs Show Horses
Trainers: John and Jill Briggs


At Briggs Show Horses, we like to support our horses’ joint health early. We start our younger horses on SmartFlex I Maintenance Pellets to help maintain healthy joints from the beginning and once they are in full training and competing on a regular basis, we switch them to SmartFlex III Resilience Pellets for more aggressive support. This supplement provides ingredients that help maintain healthy joints, tendons and ligaments, which is important for our hard-working show horses. We love the ease and convenience of the SmartPaks system. It makes traveling to shows much easier and allows us to create a custom program for each horse.

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2 comments on “Meet John, Jill and Briggs Show Horses
  1. Uylaine Barringer says:

    I am the care giver for four retired Chicago Police horses. The oldest one is 36 years and he has issues with his joins. I would like to know if the Smartflex III would help him or if you would recommend something else. The other three horses range in the ages from 20 to 24 years of age. Basically they are all in very good health.

    I am open to any recommendation to make sure my Boys continue enjoying their retirement in Princeton, IL.

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Uylaine, first of all, what an awesome job you have! Those are some lucky horses! Without a doubt, SmartFlex III Resilience could benefit any horse’s joints, though we most often recommend that level of support for horses in strenuous exercise. It sounds like your horses are mostly enjoying a well-earned retirement, and we do have joint supplements more highly targeted for that type of lifestyle. Based on what you’ve explained, I would recommend you look into one of our favorites called SmartFlex Senior ( It’s designed to support healthy joints with ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, as well as help manage discomfort associated with aging by including ingredients such as devil’s claw and MSM. SmartFlex Senior also provides digestive support and antioxidants which are fantastic to have on board for older horses. Since it sounds like you’re caring for a whole herd, you could also look into our SmartFlex Finder tool: It allows you put in information about each individual horse, and will then recommend that horse’s perfect SmartFlex joint supplement! – SmartPaker Casey

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