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Autumn in July

There’s so much to love about the Fall SmartPak Catalog photo shoots, from fun new apparel in flashy fall colors to gorgeous horses in brand new blankets. Our photo shoot team puts in hundreds of hours to make our apparel and horse shoots run like clockwork, and all the hard work pays off when we see the finished product. As SmartPak’s Senior Director of Creative Services, I’m lucky enough to get up close and personal with all of our new product samples, and our oh-so-handsome horse models!

Take a look behind the scenes at our recent photo shoot, and get a sneak peek of some of our favorite fall fashions!

Horse model Zilver stole the show at our horse photo shoot. Here he is showing off the brand new Weatherbeeta Orican Sapphire Plaid 1200D Freestyle Turnout (a SmartPak exclusive!).

This close-up captures the essence of a crisp fall morning. The Kerrits Rain Shelter Jacket in Mercury Plaid and Kerrits Knit Hat in Sienna pair perfectly with Natalie’s big smile.

Horse model Bailey got bored of standing still and putting his ears forward (hey, it’s a tough job!), so he decided to liven things up by sneaking up on Amber (she’s a rider herself, so she didn’t mind…too much).

Giorgio Armani, aka George, looked stylish in his SmartPlaid Stable Sheet.

Rocky has happily carried dozens of kids to New England Finals, but he refused to smile for the camera in his pony size SmartPak Ultimate Turnout.

Junior Designer Brittany got to try her hand at modeling the Ariat Breda Boots, and she was willing to “do anything˜ even when she was balanced precariously on a fence and we told jokingly her to…try both feet out.”

Natalie and Tigger shared a moment while we were shooting the Ariat Bolton Jacket.

Look for our Fall Catalog in your mailbox in September! Don’t receive our catalogs? There’s still time to sign up for FREE and join the mailing list!

Sara Florin

Sara as a rider: I think I fell in love with horses before I could walk, but I didn't start taking lessons until I was 12. I rode hunter/jumper for many years, including two years on an IHSA team. After college, I moved to Massachusetts and found an event barn where I fell in love with my current (and first!) horse, Carpe Diem. We've been learning to event together for the six years that I've had him, and he's making the leap to Training level this year - I just hope I'm ready to make it with him! Sara as a SmartPaker: Working in the Creative department at SmartPak is nothing short of a dream job. As the Creative Director, I'm able to help determine how we present ourselves to the riders browsing our catalogs in barns and tack rooms across the country. We work very hard, but it's a whole lot easier when you're looking at images of gorgeous horses all day. All about Diem: Diem is the quintessential chestnut OTTB. At 13 years old, he's still a puzzle to figure out every time I ride, and he's an absolute blast when the pieces come together. He's athletic and bold, and he jumps around cross country like a machine. The dressage doesn't come naturally to either of us, but working through that challenge has taught me a lot about patience and persistence. And, it makes me appreciate the jumping phases even more.

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