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HOW Design Conference

Recently, a few designers from the Creative team were sent to San Francisco for the HOW Design Live conference!! It was my first time on the West Coast, so I was also very excited to travel there.

Upon arrival, it was a nice, overcast, drizzly, cool day. Ironic because back home in Boston it was a heat wave and very hot! A little bit of a stinker, but the conference had us busy anyways, so it wasn’t an issue.

First arriving in San Francisco, looking for a spot for lunch!

HOW Design Live !

Kristin and I had an awesome taxi driver that took us all around the city. Heres me on Lombard street!

Unfortunately I don’t have too many pictures of the conference (I was too studious taking notes 😉 ) but exploring during our two-hour lunches was great. Here’s me at the big fountain!

The conference was GREAT and Kristin, Mollie, and I can agree that it was a breath of fresh air and so inspiring! We learned a lot about how to improve our direct mailings, find inspiration, and how to kick our brainstorming up a notch! There was a great seminar called ‘creative bootcamp’ where we were pushed to realize that there are no excuses for not coming up with a great idea. There was another seminar I attended called “Designing in my Underwear: Briefs on a design career” in which a successful freelance designer who ONLY worked at home without his pants, shared his story about how social media helped him get to the next step.

This is us in the airport upon learning that our flight home was a little messed up. Our airline had to downsize their plane so about 40+ people lost their seats. United was great in compensating us, but Kristin and I had an extra night to explore the city (on the only day where the sun was out!) and we definitely made the best of it!

Absolutely a great trip overall, and next year the design conference will be in Boston so I hope more of us from Creative can attend!

Brittany Cornell

Brittany as a rider: Ever since I was the girl with 1,000 breyer horses and the raggedy braid in her hair, I was always obsessed. In second grade I moved into a town with a barn right down the street, which is when I started taking lessons. It was a Morgan show barn, and there I bought my horse Nate and we competed in local and A-circuit shows. In college I made the equestrian team, and that's when I caught the jumping bug. Brittany as a SmartPaker: I'm a Junior Graphic Designer, which means I basically have the most fun job ever. I look at photos of horses every day and design things for horses and horse owners. What could be better .. ?! All about Nate: Nate is a 20 yr old 14.3 bay morgan. When we first got him he was a seven-year-old western show horse, but we quickly converted him to English. Now, he's a horse that wears many hats and he has certainly taught me a lot. He's my English-ish, jumping, neck reining, trail-going, gallop-gung-ho-ing, canter/loping, trotting/jogging, bareback and bridleless, big ribbon winning, snorting, spooking, lower lip drooping, halter tag champion, itchin' for a neck scratching, SUPERSTAR! :)

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