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Peek in Our Tack Trunks – Jennifer M.

With summer officially here, it was time to pack up those winter blankets and do a bit of spring cleaning around the barn. I have been riding dressage for nearly 15 years and currently own a nine-year-old Danish mare named May. May and I have been together for almost four years and as you can imagine, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the years! As I was sorting through the miscellaneous items filling my tack trunk to the brim, I realized there are a few products that just make my life so much easier and my horse so much happier. Here are a few of my favorite items that I couldn’t live life in the barn without:

SmartPak Fleece Dressage Girth
May has been sensitive in the past to neoprene or leather girths, which is how I found my way to the SmartPak Fleece Dressage Girth about a year ago. May is super-happy with this girth and hasn’t been bothered by it at all. I love that it is completely washable – keeping it clean couldn’t be easier.

SmartPak Fleece Dressage Girth

(253 reviews)

Kool Coat Airstream Detach-A-Neck
This sheet is great at keeping May happy in the pasture since she has zero tolerance for biting insects. She is a dark bay so I love that this sheet has 70% UV protection. I used it last summer and am happy to report that she maintained her rich brown color for the first time! She will be wearing this sheet again this summer as well since it held up so well last year.

Corona Multi Purpose Ointment
May has a reputation at the barn for being quite the troublemaker so I keep this ointment on hand at all times. I’ve found it to be great for minor scrapes and abrasions, and I think it helps the hair grow back!
Corona Multi-Purpose Ointment

(54 reviews)

Back on Track Dressage Pad
I love my Back on Track Saddle Pads and rarely ride in anything else. The pad works by increasing circulation to the back, which is great for horses with muscle tension and soreness. I’ve noticed that I don’t have to spend as much time warming up, and May’s back is soft and relaxed, which is key for any dressage horse.
Back on Track Saddle Pad

(211 reviews)

SmartPak Polo Wraps- White
As my fellow Dressage Queens know, you can never have too many white polo wraps! These are my favorite because they are soft, don’t pill, and have the perfect amount of stretch. I use them for everyday schooling as well as for clinics.
Fleece Polo Wraps

(246 reviews)

Rubber Grooming Mitt
May loves to be groomed! She especially loves to be curried so I use the Rubber Grooming Mitt on a daily basis. I like this better than a traditional curry comb because it’s so flexible, so I can easily use it on her legs and face as well.
Rubber Grooming Mitts

(82 reviews)


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