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Quiz: At Risk for Ulcers?


An astounding 60% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers. Do you know the risk factors and warning signs to look for? Take our quiz to find out if your horse is at risk.

Factor: Living Situation

Factor: Grazing/Hay Intake

Factor: Grain Intake

Factor: Workload

Factor: Trailering

Factor: Warning Signs

Select all that apply:

Gastric Health Supplements

If your horse’s ulcer risk factor is high or moderate, consider one these supplements as part of an effective gastric health program.
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SmartGut® Ultra Pellets

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U-Gard Pellets

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2 comments on “Quiz: At Risk for Ulcers?
  1. Are there other ulcer meds that are less costly ?

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Irene, Thank you for your question! At this time, the only prescription medication approved by the FDA to treat gastric ulcers in horses is GastroGard® Paste. – SmartPaker Casey

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