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Meet Lindsay and Tucker


Success Profile: Tucker
Needs: Fresh food for a picky eater
Age: 2
Breed: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Australian Shepherd
Owner: Lindsay Wilson


Feeding time used to be a battle with Tucker, who would take one bite and walk away. Now that he is on LiveSmart Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula, he is eager to eat. Since he started on the food, he hasn’t had any digestive upset, his coat gleams, his eyes are bright, and his tail is always wagging. PortionPaks are perfect for my busy lifestyle because they make feeding quick and easy!


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3 comments on “Meet Lindsay and Tucker
  1. maryellen deutschle says:

    glad to hear this dog food really wworks, think ill try it for my picky eaters.

  2. Teresa Stamp says:

    Hello. I have a 17 yr old gelding.He had EPM a few months ago. He was left with a right hind toe drag. I worked with him.It didnt seem to get better. He was just diagnosed with it again. A relapse. I have been reading about vitamins etc for horses that has had EPM. could I please be sent a smartpakequine catalog so I can order vitamins? Do you send out free catalogs. Id like to try the vitamins specially for immune system. Thanks so much. have a great day

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Teresa, thanks for your question! We absolutely do offer free catalogs to smart horse owners like yourself, and we’re so glad you asked! You can request your free catalog right here: You might also be interested in our online Supplement Wizard, which is also free, as well as fast, fun, and easy! In 5 quick minutes, the Wizard can give you a customized supplement recommendation for your horse’s unique needs: I hope that’s helpful! If you need anything else, you can always call our experts at 1-888-752-5171 or email – SmartPaker Sarah

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