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Meet Lynn and “Ozzy”


Success Profile: Super Chip My Ride “Ozzy”
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 3
Discipline: Western Pleasure
Owner: Lynn Harrison

I bought Ozzy in 2010 as a young show prospect. Last year, he rubbed out nearly one third of his coat from his face to his flank. I tried a variety of products, but nothing seemed to relieve his skin discomfort. I read a testimonial of the benefits of SmartOmega 3 in one of SmartPak’s catalogs and decided that I didn’t have anything to lose by giving it a try. Since starting Ozzy on SmartOmega 3 in February, I’ve been much happier with the condition of his skin and coat. He is happy and shiny with great skin and a wonderful attitude about being my future show prospect.

SmartOmega 3™
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Why Lynn Uses SmartPaks

I use SmartPaks because they’re the simplest way to feed supplements. We travel a lot, so SmartPaks ensure that Ozzy always gets the correct amount of his supplements no matter who is feeding. Another plus is that when Ozzy travels with us, SmartPaks are much easier to carry than supplement buckets.


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