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A Dog’s Life


Dog Profile: Lucky
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Goal: To live a happy, healthy, and active life

Learn how Lucky the barn dog gets the right support to put his best paw forward at every life stage.


Lucky is going to the barn a few times a week and learning how to be a good barn dog. SmartCanine Joint provides him with fundamental support to help maintain healthy joints.

SmartCanine™ Joint

As Low As: $9.82
(25 reviews)


These days, Lucky heads to the barn to join in on long trail rides. His activity level has increased so his joint support needs an increase, too. SmartCanine Joint Ultra provides him with comprehensive joint support designed specifically for hard-working dogs.

SmartCanine™ Joint Ultra

As Low As: $6.06
(116 reviews)


Lucky still tags along to the barn every day, but he spends most of his time hanging out in the tack room. SmartCanine Senior offers him targeted support where he needs it most, to help keep him going strong as he ages.

SmartCanine™ Senior

As Low As: $11.87
(126 reviews)

Peek in our Paks

Supplements aren’t just for horses! Just ask these three SmartPakers who support their dogs with SmartCanine™ Supplements by SmartPak

Jess D., Customer Care
Daphne, Beagle/Foxhound Mix,
11/2 years old
“SmartCanine Joint provides Daphne with a great base of joint support. She’s healthy and active, and I want to help keep her that way!”

Kate M., Marketing
Clipper, Hound Mix,
21/2 years old
“Clipper has a lot of energy so we have to keep him entertained with lots of activity. SmartCanine Joint Ultra provides a high level of joint support to match his high activity level.”

Jessy D., Customer Care
Airport, Puerto Rican Sato,
13 years old
“Since I started Airport on SmartCanine Senior, he seems more comfortable after our walks. I love that this supplement helps him be a happy and healthy senior!”

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