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Keeping Up With The SmartPakers: October 28th 2013

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…


I had the opportunity to take my 5 year old niece to her FIRST EVER horse show and she had a blast! It was quite the family affair and a wonderful experience. Even though she was the only competitor in her tots lead line class she was anxious to hear the results called over the loud speaker. She held her reins tight and closed her eyes in anticipation. “And the results from the Tot Lead Line class are…1st place goes to…Kaili Bayless on Chico!”

One of the pictures is of 3 generations of riders in the family. My mom holding the reins, me on Chico, and my niece who has just been bitten by the horse showing bug! – Tierney H., Customer Care


I went to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. They had over 5,000 Jack-O-Lanterns, it was awesome! – Kaitlyn Z., Marketing


This weekend was pretty darn awesome! Matt’s football team, the Taunton Gladiators had their Super Bowl out in Worcester against the Worcester Mass Fury. The Fury were undefeated heading into the game, and the Gladiators knew they had some work to do. At the half, we were down 26-3, but with an awesome touchdown catch by Matt in the third quarter, the Gladiators started on a roll and put up 23 unanswered points, bringing the game to overtime. The game then headed into double overtime (!!!) and when the Fury missed an extra point after a touchdown, the Gladiators were that much closer. At 39-33, the Gladiators got one last touchdown run, tying the game, 39-39. It was up to the extra point, and with Matt holding the ball, #11, James Hutchinson, kicked the game winning extra point and the Gladiators won the Eastern Football League Championship 40-39! It was just a little exciting 😀 Sunday was a bit more relaxing and involved pumpkin and mum picking, as well as decorating our new deck and reminiscing about the previous night’s win 🙂 Michelle M., Customer Care


This weekend, my boyfriend and I honored our tradition of going to a corn maze, pumpkin picking, and carving for the 4th October in a row. This year we carved animal themed pumpkins! – Jess D., Customer Care


This past weekend I enjoyed some great fall weather. I used the warm temperatures to bathe and clip my mare Luna, since she’s already grown a ton of winter coat! It was our first attempt at body clipping (I usually trace clip her) and I think it came out pretty good! She even had some dapples hiding under all that hair J. On Sunday I ran a local 5K for the animal shelter with some friends and coworkers. It was great to see all of the dogs and their costumes, and the police department also did a demo of their K9 unit. – Kerri V., Marketing


What a weekend! First, I ran a 5K with my boyfriend and our dog (a first 5K for both of them!). This picture is us just after the finish line – you can see we’re both super happy, and Sprocket is a little confused as to why the running has stopped 🙂 Then we stopped at the Boston Veggie Fest (yum!) and then headed out to Providence, RI, to see my sister who was in town for a few days. The last highlight of the weekend was seeing riders start sharing our new Fearless video, which is one of my favorite things we’ve done this year! – Sarah P., Marketing


This past weekend I had a very typical “fall” weekend. On Saturday my boyfriend and I attended his co-worker’s cookout where we had a pig roast and other barbeque, and some amazing desserts (gotta love southern cooking)! After eating way too much, we went out into the front field to shoot skeet and targets (no animals were harmed!!). My aim is way off, but I had a great time.
On Sunday, my boyfriend and I made the drive to Raleigh and experienced North Carolina’s State Fair, as well as seeing Eli Young Band in concert. I’ll admit that it wasn’t quite the “Big E” that I am used to and love, but it was fun! I am obsessed with dairy cattle and made sure we went on the weekend of dairy showing. Here are two cute Brahman snuggling in the beef barn. The best part of the fair (besides the food, of course) was the Dairy Cattle Costume Contest! I know we dress our horses up all of the time, but cows are good sports, too! Here is the winner – Dorothy and the Wicked Witch – “There’s No Drink Like Milk” – way too cute. – Paige Z., Customer Care


After a lot of grooming, I took my trusty mare Ax on a solo trail ride through some nearby gravel pits. Afterwards, my boyfriend and I visited a local winery. – Emily D., Accounting


This weekend my grandparents from Buffalo, NY and my mom from Greenwood, IN came to visit. We had amazing food all weekend and traveled to Provincetown, MA. On our way we found someone’s yard filled with dead people. Here are some of the more horsey characters. – Nina G., Customer Care


In a way, I would describe myself as a sort of equestrian army-wife. I’ve had my horse Nate for 14 years, but the last 6 we were apart. And working at a horse company with my horse away from me was pretty tough and I missed him a lot. After many discussions, I was able to convince my family to let me bring Nate down closer to me, I couldn’t have been happier!!

Nate gets a little nervous in the trailer, but on the morning of the move he was a rockstar.

After a longer trailer ride than he was used to, we finally arrived at the barn! When we unloaded the trailer, he could not believe hiseyes when he saw all the grass! I hand grazed him for a little, then threw him in his stall for a bit while I unloaded the trailer. As I walked away, I heard the LOUDESTTTT whinny !! In the 14 years that I’ve owned Nate, I have never heard him whinny—I couldn’t believe it! I walkedback in the barn and his eyes were excited— he wanted out of his stall to explore more! So I brought him out and walked him around more. I put him in one of the larger grassy paddocks (not what he is used to, his previous paddock was much smaller and all sand.) When I first released him, he trotted down the paddock, letting out another HUGE whinny! And thenhe came galloping back to me! He was so happy, I couldn’t believe that he was reacting like this! I knew that it was the right decision to bring him down, and so did the rest of my family.

Natey settled in so well, and I couldn’t be happier! Now I can see him every morning when I come to the barn to feed and turn out, sometimes during lunch, and every evening to take care of him and ride. Butbest of all, I am the most happy about how well Nate is doing. He’s so relaxed and happyand seems be feeling like more of a horse than ever! – Brittany C., Creative


Last weekend, I visited my horse, Diem, at his temporary home in Sturbridge where he is rehabbing a deep digital flexor tendon tear. He’s very happy and well on his way to recovery! Not having a horse to ride means I get to enjoy the gorgeous fall scenery with my dog, True. (He was very happy to supervise while I did all of the hard work raking leaves.) – Sara F., Creative

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