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Medium Turnout Blankets

Every horse owner needs one of these bad boys. Maybe even two.

As the mercury drops a little further and winter starts settling in, your horse is going to need protection from more than just the wind and rain. He’s going to need some extra insulation to keep him warm and cozy. Enter the medium turnout blanket. Ranging from about 150 –250 grams of fill, medium turnout blankets are more substantial than their lightweight counterparts, so they’re perfect for chillier temperatures. Keep in mind that every horse is different, but generally speaking medium weight turnouts are great for temperatures in the 30s if you horse is clipped, and digits down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit if he’s got a full coat underneath.

Since your horse’s medium weight turnout will likely be his most-used piece of apparel, it’s a great idea to have a spare on hand in case his needs a wash or gets torn by a mischievous pasture pal.

Our Top Picks:

Most Durable:

SmartPak Ultimate Turnout
Made from 1000 denier heavy-duty, high performance nylon, this blanket brings you ultimate durability at an unbeatable price. Combined with the features you love and backed by a 10-Year Indestructible Guarantee, you can’t go wrong with this turnout.

This ships free!
SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket

 $199.95 - $209.95
(625 reviews)

Best Features:

Rambo® Wug Turnout with Leg Arches™
This blanket brings you top-of-the-line quality in every feature. Made with durable 1000 denier ballistic nylon, it also features the unique wug neck that adds extra protection from the element and reduces pressure on the withers with the help of the patented ‘V’ front closure.

This ships free!
Rambo® Wug Turnout Blanket w/ Leg Arches

 $328.95 - $348.95
(94 reviews)

Best Value:

Big D Sterling Medium Turnout Blanket
From the waterproof, breathable,
600 denier polyester exterior, to the protective fleece wither, to the
210 denier nylon coat lining, this blanket has got the basics more than covered—without breaking the bank.

Big D Sterling Medium Turnout Blanket
(25 reviews)

Coolest Color:

WeatherBeeta Sapphire Plaid 1200D Freestyle Orican Turnout
Top-of-the-line features all wrapped up in an eye-catching, exclusive sapphire plaid! Built with WeatherBeeta’s Freestyle technology, including cupped shoulder darts and gussets, for the ultimate freedom of movement.

Weatherbeeta Orican Sapphire Plaid 1200D Freestyle Standard Neck Turnout made Exclusively for SmartPak

Smart Tips

Q. How can I prevent blanket rubs?
A. First things first: start with a blanket that fits. A well-fitting blanket will have no pressure points, reducing your horse’s risk for rubs. However, some horses are really sensitive, so they’re going to be more predisposed to rubs, and even the bestfitting blanket can cause the occasional rub if it’s worn for a long time. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help. If your horse is prone to rubs on his withers and/or shoulders, try a Stretchies Shoulder Guard to help eliminate some of the friction that causes rubs. Another way to cut down on friction is to swipe some SmartWorks Lavender Utility Balm on any pressure points to soothe skin and help the blanket slide smoothly. If a rub does appear, you can support hair regrowth on bald spots with EQyss Megatek Rebuilder.

Stretchies Shoulder Guard

(82 reviews)

SmartPak Lavender Utility Balm

(50 reviews)

Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder

(67 reviews)

Tag It

1 1/4″ brass tags pull double-duty: engrave one side with your horse’s name and the other with the temperature range that blanket is suited for. You’ll eliminate any
guesswork for the busy barn staff, and you’ll always know your horse is wearing the right blanket.

Round Brass Nameplate - 1.25in

(101 reviews)

If you’re dealing with warmer or cooler weather, have no fear! We’ve got you covered with Light Turnouts and Heavy Turnouts, too!

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