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Peek in Our Paks: Becki G.

SmartPaker Bio:
Becki, Marketing
Fred, 29-year-old Quarter Horse gelding

All about Becki:

“I started riding at age two and did 4-H and local shows before moving on to AQYHA and AQHA shows. As Vice President of Western and Business Development, I’m responsible for developing key partnerships with equestrian organizations, which means I’ve gotten the chance to work with riders that I looked up to as a kid, like legendary reiner Tim McQuay.”

All about Fred:

“Fred was my show horse for many years. Now in his semi-retired state, he enjoys trail riding with the family and is also a therapy horse (he loves it!).”

Fred’s SmartPak

“After years of showing, I use SmartFlex® Senior Herb-Free Pellets to help keep Fred going strong for years to come.”

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“As Fred started to age, he began to show some heel discomfort. So I use SmartSox® Pellets to support proper hoof circulation.”

SmartHoof® Circulate Pellets

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“SmartGut® Pellets provides ingredients to help safeguard Fred’s sensitive stomach, which helps keep him happy and healthy.”

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2 comments on “Peek in Our Paks: Becki G.
  1. Eve R Mead says:

    My 6yr Arab is a pastured Lady@lives in with about 36 other Horses. Have Her on SmartCombo@Bug-off during The Buggy Season. She has some anxiety issues@needs to be calmer when brought in to tie up. She loves to be groomed@ridden, we’ve had W.Pleasure training which resolved Chiro.sessions.We have changed Barns@now Pasture Board instead of Paddock@now do mostly trail riding. I would like to see Stormy more relaxed. She does very well in with the Herd.

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Eve, thanks for posting! There are a variety of reasons why a horse might not be calm, cool and collected when you’re working with them. A couple areas you can evaluate are tack fit, diet, and living situation. It might be that your horse could also benefit from a supplement to support a balanced disposition. We’ve got a fantastic blog article talking all about this holistic approach to your horse’s attitude: – I think you’ll find it helpful! – SmartPaker Casey

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