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Peek in our Tack Trunk – Veronica B.


As an active competitor in the hunter/jumper circuit, I am always on the go from show to show all year round. I have a tack truck the stays home (with my other three horses!) and a tack truck that I take to horse shows. Since most H/J shows are a few days long and room in the trailer is limited, I have to stick with products that I know will work and that I can’t live without.

EQysss MicroTek Medicated Spray – My OTTB has the most sensitive skin! Due to the different types of shavings between horse show venues, my poor horse sometimes breaks out in hives, which is less than ideal for a show horse. This anti-microbial spray helps with his discomfort, and it has become my horse show staple!

Eqyss MicroTek

(61 reviews)

Banixx – I feel like scratches, bumps, and scrapes are always popping up on my horses. My go-to wound care regimen includes Banixx. Banixx kills bacteria and fungus, while promoting healthy healing for a variety of unsightly skin conditions. I’ve even used it on myself! Another one of my favorites for nicks and rubs is SmartWorks Lavender Utility Balm. This is especially useful for the face or ears.

Banixx Wound & Hoof Care

(39 reviews)

Back on Track Mesh Sheet – My horses work hard for me and give me their best, so I want to make sure their bodies are in tip top shape (which is why I feed supplements!). The Back on Track Mesh Sheet uses the horse’s own body heat to soothe inflamed muscles and joints. After a hard work out, I toss this sheet on for a few hours. It’s like a trip to the spa for my horses!

This ships free!
Back on Track Mesh Sheet

(88 reviews)

EquiFit T-Boot Original Open Front Boots – EquiFit boots are made with T-Foam, which molds to the horse’s leg and absorbs up to 90% of shock. The best part is the foam insert detaches from the outer shell of the boot, making it super easy to spray off with the hose after a muddy ride.

EquiFit Ear Plugs – I never used ear plugs on my horses until I bought my new mare last October. Now, I don’t know what I would do without them! EquiFit EarPlugs conforms to the horse’s ear, which blocks out more sound than traditional ear plugs.

EquiFit T-Foam EarPlugs
(38 reviews)

Sore No More – I’ve used Sore No More for several years and I am completely hooked. The main ingredient, Arnica, is used for bruises, inflammation, and joint and muscle pains.

Sore No More
(52 reviews)

Farrier’s Fix – Different footing at shows, dry to wet/ wet to dry conditions, and stomping for flies all contribute to cracked and brittle hooves. Farrier’s fix absorbs quickly and can be used all over the hoof including the bottom to protect the frog. No hoof, no horse!

Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil

 $21.95 - $59.95
(87 reviews)

One-Knot Hairnets – Who doesn’t need several hairnets?! They are always disappearing…

One Knot Hairnets

(74 reviews)

Canter Coat Shine – This formula is non-greasy and doesn’t make you slide right off the back of your horse! It smells great and the slim design of the bottle makes it easy to just stuff into your grooming tote or show bag.


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