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The Perfect Jog Shine


What are your must-have products for a shine that’s sure to impress everyone at the jog? – Amanda R. from Shawnee, KS

Presenting a well-turned-out horse at a CCI jog is one of the things a groom takes great pride in. Having a healthy horse from the inside is 98% part of a shining coat, so good nutrition is key.

When it comes to grooming the day-of, here are a few of my favorite products that I use to finish the look for the jog strip:

After the final bath, I spray their coats with Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine then use a towel to dry them off. I also use this product in tails. Remember to put on a tail wrap whilst the tail is still wet encouraging hairs to stay flat.

Whilst drying, I braid, putting in more braids than I would normally for a horse trials. I then make sure the bridle is clean, the bit rings and all buckles get polished with Simichrome. I like plain black bridles for the jog. I remove the flash to provide a cleaner look.

Half an hour prior to jog time, I fully groom the horse and then put on his bridle. Feet get picked out. Any white socks, I dampen with a sponge and then rub baby powder into them to have them looking extra white. Don’t over wet the hair otherwise the powder will clump…. This might be obvious but do this prior to putting on hoof polish!!!

Good luck, and have a great ride!

Emma Ford

Emma Ford is one of the most respected grooms in US Eventing. Born and raised in the UK, Emma came to the US in 1998 to groom for top eventer Adrienne Iorio. After seven years with Adrienne, Emma moved to True Prospect Farm to work with five-time Olympian and 13-time USEA Leading Rider of the Year, Phillip Dutton. During her tenure with Phillip, Emma cared for many famous equine athletes including Connaught, TruLuck, Woodburn, and Mystery Whisper. She’s groomed at Burghley, Blenheim and Boekelo, cared for horses at the 2006 and 2010 World Championships, 2007 Pan Am Games, and 2008 and 2012 Olympics, and groomed at Rolex Kentucky and Fair Hill International every year since 2001. And now she’s here to help you! Submit your grooming questions and Emma just may be able to teach you a few of her tricks!

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One comment on “The Perfect Jog Shine
  1. Pam Mahony says:

    I am from the H/J world, but one of the things I do before a show is to wash the horse with a shampoo which highlights its color. Then, after the final bath I “wash” the entire horse again with a Pine Sol mixture (2 – 3 gallons water to 3 – 4 big *glugs* of Pine Sol). This removes the soap residue that clings to the hair, even after rinsing, and makes the coat really shine. Plus he smells good. 🙂

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