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Barn of the Month – Fairbanks Stable


Barn: Fairbanks Stable
Located in: Richmondville, NY

Trainers: Faye Benedict
Horses on SmartPaks: 23

Fairbanks Stable, started in September of 2005, is owned and managed by trainer Faye Benedict.

“I grew up in the horse world down in the Millbrook, NY area, and my dream has always been to own a boarding barn. I started with one boarder in 2005 and pipe stalls in a converted dairy barn. By 2008, I had grown to a whopping 4 boarders and decided that it was time for indoor. We built the indoor ourselves (and actually built the poles that the indoor sits on). In 2010, we finished a 10-stall “boarder” barn with tack room, and by 2013, I had 20 boarders and a small lesson program to boot.

Fairbanks view

Our clients come to us because of our reputation of consistency. Our boarding clients are a mix – we have serious hunter/jumper riders, eventers, barrel racers, and pleasure riders. My lesson kids, who mostly own their own horses, are competitors, but the disciplines vary. Some of them enjoy eventing, some enjoy a hunter/jumper show, and some are here for the glory of the many, many hunter paces we travel to in spring/summer and fall. We joke that we are a family of misfits. But truly, we are family, and that includes our horses and dogs (because on a day-to-day basis there can be 10+ here).

Fairbanks night

Before Fairbanks Stable grew to what it is today, we had just a couple boarders and lots of buckets of supplements. I can’t remember exactly when I had my ‘mental breakdown’ and decided that the horses I had needed to be on SmartPaks — but it was one of the best things we’ve done. Slowly I started to get people to change over from buckets to SmartPaks, and with the influx of my college student boarders, I realized that I had to have most of the boarders on SmartPaks. The obvious reason, of course, was for consistency. With changes in staff and the horses traveling to and from shows and their “home barns” in the fall, there really wasn’t any other way to do it. But the main reason for me has always been that people forget to order their supplements. The horses will start showing improvement, we will tell them they are running out of supplements, two weeks later we get a new bucket of supplements that they found cheap somewhere (that aren’t the same), and we start the process all over again. The SmartPaks System gives the barn owner the little bit of control that we need and the peace of mind that the supplement will show up on time. We can literally count the SmartPaks for each horse to make sure the staff is actually feeding it, we won’t ever run out with auto-ship, and the supplements are delivered right to our barn. It’s about peace of mind and consistency — both with delivery and with the product. Not once have we opened a SmartPak and thought ‘Hmmm, that smells different.’ And beyond that, it doesn’t take 3 hours to mix 42 buckets of feed am/pm.


We have a lot of favorite supplements here at Fairbanks Stable. Because pasture and hay are the most important part of the horses’ lives here, the omegas in SmartOmega 3 give us peace of mind. SmartSox and SmartHoof Ultra, plus a great team of vet and farriers, saved my mare Rita, who suddenly stretched her white line and cracked a hoof 3″ both ways. SmartMuscle Stamina has really helped my mare Molly, who is like a new horse now. In addition to these, you’ll find SmartGain, SmartGut (Ultra), and SmartMare Harmony in my clients’ Paks. I love the SmartPak products too, like their baby saddle pads, bridles, wraps, girths – it’s always top quality.

Fairbanks Faye

Did I mention how much we love SmartPak? And SmartPak’s Barn Team has been such a help in getting everyone on the same page as far supplements and the system. I can’t thank you enough for that. You have made my life easier.”

Fairbanks Carly Diamon on Sir Rudolph

Fairbanks fall

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3 comments on “Barn of the Month – Fairbanks Stable
  1. Ellis P Wharton says:

    My daughter had the most unpleasant experience at the Benedict Farm and I am certain she will never return.

    Barn of the month? Seriously, their property is cluttered with junked farm equipment and debris throughout the many acres that she saw.

    Disgusting, fully describes my daughter’s experience with these amateurs.

    • Jes bes says:

      I actually had a fantastic experience at Fairbanks Stable. The workers treat you like your their family and are extremely awhere of what is happening and how you feel about the horse. The stable is great and the fun starts once you get their. They do a great job in making sure you are able to do a certain skill safely before you move on. However, I would perfer to have the workers adjust to the horse. They do a great job working with the horses while their are rides on them but they aren’t really concerned with what you lol like. I do have to say, FairBanks Dtable is by far the best stable I have been to in a long time and I can not wait to be back .

  2. STEVE KANE says:


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