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Barn of the Month – Patchwork Farm

Barn: Patchwork Farm, Canton, GA

SmartPaks: 22

Trainer: Janet Salem

Rider/Trainer: Lauren Hulen Kissel

Patchwork 1

Patchwork Farm sits on 60 acres in Cherokee County, Georgia, and offers kind, classical, and correct training for both horse and rider. Focusing on hunter/jumpers, trainers Janet Salem and Lauren Hulen Kissel take Patchwork Farm to both local and national level shows. Patchwork not only offers top instruction and “A” and “AA” Show Schedules, but they also offer boarding and training programs as well. Patchwork Farm is comprised of a goal-oriented group of riders who value family life, friends, and good horsemanship. Because so much time is spent on the road at horse shows, it is common practice for entire families to pack up and combine a horse show with a vacation. “The care and individual attention given to horses and clients at Patchwork combined with family values and good sportsmanship make us unique,” says Kissel. And to round things out, Patchwork Farm is also a North American Riding for the Handicapped Association Center and has a PATH Certified Instructor on staff.

Patchwork 2

Each horse is an individual and is treated as such at Patchwork. The feeding program is tailored to each horse and includes top quality hay and grains and daily pasture turnout. For supplements, they utilize the SmartPak Feeding System both at home and on the road. “SmartPaks allow us to create tailored supplement programs for each horse and help us to stay efficient. No more scooping multiple supplements for 22 horses. They are delivered straight to the barn. Just grab and go. At shows, we pack everything up with no interruption to our feeding program.”

Patchwork 3

Favorites include MSM Pellets, a daily electrolyte, and SmartOmega3 Ultra. The extra omega 3 fatty acids they get from SmartOmega3 Ultra make for a shiny coat and are good for overall health and wellness. The daily electrolyte is important to help maintain hydration at home and on the road. “Some horses have additional needs, and with SmartPaks, we can customize how we see fit. For example, a few horses have really benefitted from SmartGut Pellets and Probios.”

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“SmartPaks have been incredibly helpful at the farm. They allow the horses to fit into an efficient program but also remain individuals. SmartPak has fast become a favorite for us. The service we receive is top notch, the delivery straight to the barn makes life so easy, and the horses are thriving on their programs. SmartPak is our #1 go-to.”

Patchwork 4

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