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Break Up With Your Buckets


If you’re looking for a satisfying, stress-free relationship with supplements, you’re never going to find it with buckets. Read these riders’ bucket break-up stories to find out why they’re so happy to have found SmartPaks—and then go break up with your buckets for good.

A Cheater and a Rat

rat“I had a feeling that Bucket had been sneaking around on me for some time, scooping all the other horses in the barn. I confronted him about it, and when he finally opened up, I found a big, fat rat sitting inside! I kicked Bucket to the curb and switched to SmartPaks that night! Now I always know exactly where my supplements are going— directly in my horse’s feed bucket. And they’re always fresh and ratfree!”
—Nobody’s Fool from Kentucky

Mr. Inconsistent

scoop“Bucket just kept letting me down, always running out on me at the worst possible times. When he was there, I could never be sure he was delivering an accurate dose, since we couldn’t agree on what a proper ‘scoop’ really looked like. I finally dumped Bucket, and now I know I can rely on SmartPaks to be at my house exactly when I need him (thanks, AutoShip!). Plus I know the supplement doses are always consistent—just like they should be.”
—Don’t Give Me the Scoop from New York

Empty Promises

trashBucket kept promising me that he would get out there and make something of himself, but every time he was empty, so were his promises. Instead of ending up in recycling, he only ever found his way to the garbage. I decided I couldn’t be with someone who was just wasting their life away, so I switched to SmartPaks because they’re made from 100% recycled plastic and
can be recycled again.
—One Woman’s Trash from California

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9 comments on “Break Up With Your Buckets
  1. Naydine Owens says:

    I have tried the smart paks, but sorry to say, I do not like them as I have 2 full size horses on the smart flex senior, plus a pony who only weighs about 550 lbs. and 2 miniatures, one weighing about 250 and the other about 350 lbs. so it is easier for me to measure it out myself as each takes a different amount.
    but I do like the supplement, helping all of my horses that have been worked hard and now retired, takes away some of the stiffness, the one small mini has arthritis in his front quarters, both shoulders and front legs, he is doing much better this winter since I have him on the smart flex for seniors.

  2. Betsy says:

    Those of us with arthritis in hands LOVE the buckets! But when I ordered my electrolytes, they sent them in a bag. Very disappointed, as I ordered bucket. They are better for me. Please don’t disguard the buckets I use them!

  3. SUSAN says:

    I have to say, I like the smart paks. Consistent, hassel free, no worries. Always there and ready to go.

  4. judy bajorekI says:

    I have used smartpaks for years and prefer them. Either way however, the consistent good quality is there!

  5. Lesa Scheifele says:

    I’d like to see the smartpaks come in edible packets…no opening, just toss in the feed!

  6. Kathy says:

    We share the feeding responsibilities at our barn so the smartpaks ensure that everybody gets what they need without trying to memorize who gets what and how often. Each horse gets exactly what he/she needs without worry or confusion.

  7. Sherri Kurtz says:

    This is my first time to have any of my horses on SmartPak and I am quite impressed. The container is rodent resistant and each month’s packs are delivered to me. Convenient, clean and no guess work on dosages. I am thrilled.

  8. Sue says:

    Smartpaks all the way for me! I love the convenience of them. They are pre-measured, always arrive just when I need more, and are so easy to store and use. I use them for my mare (SmartMare and UltraCalm) and my daughter uses them for her gelding (SmartEssentials and SmartCalm) and we both swear by them. They have made quite a bit of difference in our horses behavior and focus. So yes, we LOVE the smartpaks!!!

  9. Roxane Martin says:

    I prefer the buckets/bags. I have only miniature horses and am using differing amounts with two of them due to their weight differences and current sensitivity to changes in diet. I like the fact that I can use something like SmartGut Ultra pellets as I feel their needs dictate.

    Note also that for miniature horses, that may be in the 200 lb. range and need a much smaller amount, it might be more helpful if the pellets were of smaller size. When I had tried to use a salt supplement, the pellets size gave too much of a “bite” in taste and the mini refused to eat them–had to switch to a powder that could be coated upon his grain pellets.

    Also note that the dosage of 1/2 dose for 500 lb and under might still be too much for smaller minis of 250 lb or less.

    That said, when I move a mini to a boarding situation for 3 months, I may see about using SmartPaks for this mini at that time, just to make it easier for the boarding staff.

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