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Peek in Our Tack Trunk – Kristin P.

Credit: James Kristin Photography

Credit: James Kristin Photography

I will admit, without any shame, that I’m tack and equestrian apparel obsessed. I’ve been riding for over 75% of my life and have acquired enough to fill multiple trunks with everything from saddle pads to gloves, and if I kept my breeches in a trunk, they’d need their own! My current equine partner is an 18-year-old Morgan gelding named Rowenda French Alert (better known as “Archie” or, my favorite, “Little Squish”), owned by my wonderful trainer. He’s a dressage schoolmaster, confirmed through Third Level, but with many of the FEI movements as well, and he came with his own multitude of trunks! Below is a list of some of my favorites for rider and horse that I’ve collected over the years or have recently fallen in love with thanks to SmartPak!

  1. Piper Plus Full Seat Breeches by SmartPak
    It is no secret around the office that I LOVE my Pipers—I own all four colors and regularly rotate through them to keep things fresh. When asked what my favorite thing about them is, my answer is always, “Everything!” From the forgiving fabric to the stretchy, contrasting full seat, they help me feel confident and comfortable in the saddle, and they really are “too fun to have just one!”

    Piper Plus Full Seat Breeches by SmartPak (Old Plus sizes)
    (132 reviews)
  2. SmartPak Soft Shell Jacket
    This is one comfortable jacket, perfect for a top layer on cool fall days and even chilly winter ones. The technical fabric doesn’t let dirt and dust stick, so you can go to the barn and then run errands without worrying you’re covered in stains. Plus, you can customize this jacket with additional embroidery; I had my name done on the back of the stand-up collar, and I feel like a SmartPak superstar!

    This ships free!
    SmartPak Soft Shell Jacket

    (24 reviews)
  3. SmartPak Small Diamond Deluxe Dressage Saddle Pad
    Three years before I started working at SmartPak, I purchased this pad in black. It’s been through heavy use—multiple horses and multiple washes (I wash my pads after every use)—and it still looks new. I love the cord piping; it adds a subtle touch of flair without being over the top. It’s the perfect pad for schooling or showing and fits a variety of saddle sizes. My trainer’s saddle is an 18” and it’s a perfect fit!

  4. Professional’s Choice Ballistic Overreach Boot
    Archie and I do a lot of figures and lateral work as well as regular lessons on the lunge line for my seat. Though he doesn’t clip his heels, he still has a big stride and overtracks quite a bit, and with our circling and changes of direction, I feel better knowing I’m protecting his sensitive heel bulbs as well as his shoes. These bell boots are fantastic; they don’t turn and are made of a heavy-duty nylon that covers from the back of the hoof to the ground.

  5. The Rancher Gloves
    The Ranchers have become my favorite riding gloves; I own the winter-lined pair for cold-weather use, but my trainer turned me onto the unlined ones for every day schooling (she lives in them and can’t kill them!). The deerskin is grippy without being sticky and thick enough to protect your fingers without sacrificing feel. The natural color allows my trainer to see my hands, too, so I can work on quiet and subtle aids on the reins.

    SSG The Rancher

    (26 reviews)
Credit: James Kristin Photography

Credit: James Kristin Photography

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