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The most important thing I’ve learned at SmartPak

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I’ve learned a lot working at SmartPak. As a Supplement Expert, I’ve gone through, and continue to go through, hours and hours of horse health training.

But the most amazing thing I have learned since starting at SmartPak would have to be the amount of love our customers have for their dogs and horses. I treat my animals like they are a part of the family and love them more than anything. I want to make sure they have the absolute best care when it comes to supplements, warm blankets, clean tack, and a happy and healthy mind and body.

It warms my heart to talk to customers that share the same love and passion that I do for their horses. Even though at SmartPak we mostly talk to our customers via phone or email, I am amazed at how connected we can be through our love of animals. Whether we are talking about which joint supplement best suites their horse’s needs, trying to find the right bridle for a Thoroughbred with an oversized head, or figuring out a riding outfit for a little girl’s first show, it always puts a smile on my face and makes me happy to call working at SmartPak my “job.”

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