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Colic – Don’t Let The Odds Stack Up Against You


The American Association of Equine Practitioners estimates that 900,000 horses will colic this year. Not only is colic common, it can be very serious—more horses die from colic than any other condition. With statistics like that, managing your horse’s digestive health may feel like playing a game of chance. However, there are ways you can help reduce your horse’s risk of colic and stack the odds in his favor.

Raising the Stakes:

Factors proven to increase your horse’s risk of colic

gamble-hayHay Changes
Changes in hay, including switching types or feeding a new cut, can increase your horse’s chances of developing colic by 10x!

gamble-grainGrain Changes
Grain changes, including changes in amount, type or brand, can cause a 5x increase in colic risk.

gamble-waterLack Of Water
Lack of access to water has been associated with greater risk for GI trouble, including impaction.

Failure to receive appropriate deworming doubles your horse’s risk of developing colic.

Hedge your bets with $7500 colic surgery reimbursement

Protect yourself and your horse by enrolling in ColiCare. With the comprehensive support of clinically studied ingredients and a veterinarian-directed wellness program, you can rest easy
knowing that you’re providing the ultimate in digestive health. Best of all, ColiCare provides up to $7,500 of colic surgery reimbursement, should your horse ever need it. Signing up is
easy—apply today at

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