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Peek in Our Tack Trunk – Jessica and Sawyer


Canter Silk Mane and Tail Conditioner

My horse Sawyer is an “old type” (100% Lippitt) Morgan, which means he has a whole lotta mane and tail. I seriously couldn’t live without a bottle of Canter Silk Mane and Tail Conditioner in my grooming bag at all times. The beauty of this product is that it doesn’t just coat the hair and make it slippery. It actually soaks in and conditions the hair, while making it silky smooth and easy to comb through. It also seems to repel dirt and dust.


SmartPak Quilted Arena Bag by Big D

Speaking of my grooming bag, the SmartPak Quilted Arena Bag by Big D is my absolute favorite! I used to be a grooming box/tote person, until I discovered this bag. I love how much I can fit in it, the plethora of pockets for keeping things organized, and the mesh bottom that helps keep it “aired out”. The best feature, in my opinion, is that you can comfortably fit the straps over your shoulder, giving you two free hands to lug your other gear from the tack room all in one trip! I also like how the handle has a snap that allows you to hang it on a stall door or trailer for easy access during grooming. I recommend getting yours embroidered with your monogram or your horse’s name as a fun and personal touch!

Banixx Wound & Hoof Care

This simple spray formula is a gentle yet effective treatment for thrush and a variety of skin issues. It works against both bacteria and fungus, and doesn’t sting. Plus, it has no odor and is as clear as water so it won’t stain! I mainly use this product for thrush, but it also comes in handy for minor nicks, scrapes, and the occasional “skin cruddy” that crops up.

Banixx Wound & Hoof Care

 $18.95 - $23.95
(54 reviews)

Beastie Brush

This inexpensive brush is my go-to tool every grooming session. My horse loves to be groomed and scratched with gusto, so he really enjoys the moderate-to-stiff bristles this brush provides. I like that it is small enough to fit in my hand easily and that it comes in such fun colors!

Beastie Brush

(15 reviews)

Hilton Herballs

My horse is a very easy keeper, so I limit sugars and starches in his diet as much as possible. He loves the taste of Hilton Herballs, and I love the sugar-free, natural ingredients. Plus, they are firm enough to stuff into your pockets without going mushy. My tack truck always has a stash of these smart little treats!

Hilton Herballs

 $6.95 - $25.95
(286 reviews)

Himalayan Salt Lick

My horse gets a daily serving of salt in his SmartPak with SmartLytes, but because horses need at LEAST an ounce of sodium chloride per day (more if they are in work or sweating from hot weather), I also make sure he always a Himalayan Salt Lick available. He LOVES this lick, and I love that it can hang in his paddock and not melt in the rain!

Himalayan Salt Licks

 $8.95 - $19.95
(779 reviews)

Back on Track Therapeutic Riding Gloves

I can’t tell you how much I heart the Back on Track Therapeutic Riding Gloves. I wore them every day this past winter, and I’m planning to purchase a second pair so that I can have a “barn pair” and a “nice pair” to wear out and about. I especially like them for driving (my car, not my horse, though they would be great for that too!) because they have the perfect amount of grip for the steering wheel. Like all Back on Track products, the benefit is that the material has ceramic fibers that reflect your body heat back, helping to warm your chilly fingers. Simply brilliant.

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  1. Jane Dinh says:

    Jessica, thank you!!! Such excellent insight to each of these products!!!

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