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Take to the trails—safely!

There’s nothing like getting outside with your horse for a trail ride! From head to toe and head to hoof, we have the products for you and your horse to make sure you stay safe as you enjoy the great outdoors.

Rockin’ SP Browband Headstall with Rockin’ SP Split Reins

The quality of the leather on the Rockin’ SP tack is unbelievable! The hand-oiled leather provides a finish that’s comfortable for both you and your horse. The browband headstall option is perfect for some extra stability on your horse’s head as you ride out on the trail, and the reins pair perfectly.

EasyBoot Trail

Protect your horse’s feet on the unexpected terrain of the trails by using the EasyBoot Trail boot. It’s easy to put on and take off and provides traction and protection.

EasyBoot Outdoor Boot
(22 reviews)

Reflective Tail Band & Reflective Bands

For some added visibility in the woods or in poor light, these Reflective Bands and Reflective Tail Band are perfect to throw on!

Reflective Tail Band

(2 reviews)
Reflective Bands

(7 reviews)

Small Horn Saddle Bag

Cashel Small Horn Saddle Bag

(13 reviews)

All Around Insulated Western Saddle Bag

This ships free!
Kensington All Around Insulated Western Saddle Bag

(3 reviews)

Mini First Aid Kits

Don’t be caught unprepared on the trails—bring along everything you need in your favorite saddle bags! From sunscreen to a snack, and horse treats to first aid supplies for you and your horse, these bags will hold everything you need. Whether you prefer classic solids the fun plaids, they’ll carry all your goods.

Mini First Aid Kits

 $16.95 - $20.95
(30 reviews)

Troxel Low Profile Sierra Helmet

No “bubblehead” on the trail! The low profile on this helmet offers a clean silhouette, plenty of ventilation, and, most importantly, plenty of protection since it’s ASTM/SEI certified. Stretch a Reflective Helmet Band over the helmet for additional visibility for you and your horse from hunters, motorists, and others out on the trails.

This ships free!
Troxel Low Profile Sierra Helmet

(29 reviews)
Reflective Helmet Band
(3 reviews)

Tipperary Vest

The trails can be unpredictable, so it never hurts to have a bit of extra protection. The Tipperary Vest is so comfortable and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it, but you’ll have the peace of mind of wearing some added protection.

This ships free!
Tipperary Eventer Vest

(60 reviews)

Ariat Ladies Terrain Pull-On H20

A classically styled western boot, with the comfort of Ariat, that’s waterproof and breathable? Look no further. After all, you never know when you may have to be the fearless leader in navigating your horse through a frightful puddle.

This ships free!
Ariat Women's Terrain Pull-on H20

(34 reviews)

Have a fun trail ride!

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