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Losing one friend and finding another

A couple of months ago, my beloved dog Ebony passed away due to old age. She was a 13-year-old lab/beagle mix and my best friend. A few weeks after we lost her, I was ready to get another dog to help fill the void in my life.
My family and I headed to our local shelter (the same one where we had found Ebony years ago) in search of another dog to welcome into our life. I instantly fell in love with a small Border Collie mix. She was very underweight and had severe skin issues. Even though she was a stray, she was incredibly sweet and just wanted to be loved. It was clear after about 5 seconds that we needed each other.

One week later she was mine!
I named her Matilda (in honor of the Disney movie about a smart little girl that leaves a bad home), but she goes by Tilly. The first thing I did was take her to the vet to determine the cause of her skin issues. Poor Tilly has horrible allergies and the weeks of neglect in the cold winter had taken a toll on her skin. Thankfully I work for SmartPak and knew just what to do to make her feel better.


I decided to go with Wellness Simple Food Solutions – Lamb Formula because it provides one basic protein with no grains, fillers or common ingredients that can cause food allergies. After we got some good nutrients in her, I added SmartCanine Allergy and SmartCanine Omega Max to support a healthy skin and coat. I am happy to report that after just one month of good food, supplements, and a lot of love, Tilly is looking great and fitting in perfectly as our new family member. She’s my side kick and goes everywhere with me. Even though I miss Ebony dearly, I am very thankful to have Matilda in my life. We clearly rescued each other.

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One comment on “Losing one friend and finding another
  1. Razzle's Mom says:

    what a sweet story!! she is def one happy girl!!

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