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Shopping for your first Western show of the season


Most people are probably excited that summer is right around the corner, but I’m most excited about my first show of the year being right around the corner! Before I pack up and hit the show pen, I need to do some last-minute shopping at SmartPak so my mare Macy and I are prepared for our first show of the year.

Here’s what’s on my shopping list:

At the top of my shopping list is the Under Armour Qualifier Jacket.
This jacket will be perfect for those chilly early show mornings. I’ve always been a fan of Under Armour and was very excited that SmartPak added it to their product offering. The Under Armour Qualifier Jacket is stylish while being practical with a wind- and water-resistant material that is breathable and lightweight.

Under Armour Qualifier Jacket
(23 reviews)

Also on my shopping list is the Pyranha Aerosol Fly Spray.
This is my go-to fly spray to use at horse shows. Macy cannot stand flies and is known to get very distracted and focus on the flies instead of me. This is something that I can’t have at shows, but I don’t have to worry with the Pyranha Aerosol Fly Spray. It helps to keep the flies from bothering my horse so she can focus on being her best.

I also can’t get through a horse show without the Shapley’s Show Touch Up.
The black spray really enhances Macy’s black legs and adds that special touch so she is ready for the show pen.

Shapley's Show Touch Up

(32 reviews)

I’m also planning to purchase a Big D Round Tote Bag to hold everything that I need for last-minute touch ups before stepping into the show pen.

Big D Round Tote Bag

(7 reviews)

What’s on your shopping list before your first show this season?

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