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SmartPaker Whitney: My Favorite Rainy Day Barn Outfit


Summer is here in New England, and we’re ready to soak up the sun! But it’s not all sun and games, we know there are some rainy days yet to come. With that in mind, here’s my personal favorite rainy day barn outfit:

Personalized New Englander Rain Jacket

This has been an invaluable addition to my outerwear collection! Say goodbye to the baggy yellow raincoats you grew up with and say hello to your new must-have. This jacket is 100% wind and waterproof (a necessity around the barn). It also has mesh lining along the body and a nylon lining in the sleeves that makes it breathable and easy to get on and off. Another great feature for riding is the two way zipper which allows you to customize the fit once in the saddle!

Dubarry Galway ExtraFit Boot

These are an all-purpose boot that can be used for anything from shoveling snow to mucking stalls (pretty much the same thing right?). They’re completely waterproof, which is on my must-have list for barn chores. Mine are often used for chores like chasing my horse around the muddy paddock when he doesn’t want to come in. The best thing is you can rinse them off with the hose before hopping in your car so you can leave the dirt at the barn!

This ships free!
Dubarry Galway ExtraFit Boot

(30 reviews)

Piper Plus Knee Patch Breeches by SmartPak

I am not big into swishy waterproof pants, so I bust out my reliable Pipers for the rainy weather! I just make sure that I wear the darker color options like my Navy w/ Emerald or Blue Jean w/ Brown so that the mud doesn’t show up too much! If you haven’t tried these breeches please stop reading right now and go treat yourself to a pair—you will NOT be disappointed!

Piper Plus Knee Patch Breeches by SmartPak (Old Plus sizes)
(142 reviews)

SunShield Longsleeve Shirt by SmartPak

When I’m hoping the showers will clear, I wear my SunShield Longsleeve Shirt by SmartPak. This is a great shirt because when the sun comes out (you like the optimism here) it protects you from 98% of harmful UV rays. But this shirt is also lightweight and has an athletic cut which is great for time in the saddle.

SunShield Longsleeve Shirt by SmartPak
(159 reviews)
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