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Horse of the Month: Thoka

Horse of the Month: “Thoka”
Breed: Icelandic Horse
PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center: Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities
Location: Winfield, IL


Thoka is a gentle, and fancy, therapeutic riding horse at Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities in Winfield, Illinois.
Thoka was imported to the United States straight from Iceland when she was 4 years old. She was reportedly born on a misty, foggy morning which is where she gets her name, meaning “In the mist”. Thoka had two owners before coming to FTEA. Her previous owner treasured her for 16 years. She knew her wonderful horse was not ready to retire to a pasture, but had the ability to switch careers. From the day Thoka arrived at FTEA, in October of 2011, she was perfect for new role as therapeutic riding horse. Her manners were impeccable and her calm and kind demeanor, along with her unintimidating size made this new career a perfect choice.


One of the most touching stories about Thoka comes from a mother who brought their daughter to ride at FTEA:
“Thoka and my daughter were instant friends. This mare’s patience to my daughter’s quiet commands made them an instant team. And her gentleness gave my daughter the confidence to try. For three years my daughter’s life consisted of therapy and specialist appointments when suddenly Thoka gave my daughter the opportunity to have a voice, a passion, and an opportunity. This friendship cared nothing of my daughter’s deficits, what needed to be improved or worked on, only love.”

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PATH Intl.

SmartPak has teamed up with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International or, PATH Intl. to recognize horses who participate in equine-assisted activities and therapies across the country. These hard-working and kindhearted horses help serve participants of all ages with a range of physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive challenges. Horses involved in the program allow the participants to receive rewarding benefits by promoting an awareness of body, mind and spirit. The SmartPak Horse of the Month program recognizes an equine-assisted activities and therapies horse from a certified PATH Intl. center each month by sharing their story and providing one month of SmartSupplements in SmartPaks for the recipient. Nominate a special horse you know.

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