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Know Sweat!

During the hot days of summer, a horse covered in sweat is a common sight. But do you know what sweat is, why it happens, and what you should do if your horse doesn’t sweat? We’ve got the answers!

sweating horse

what is sweat
What’s in sweat?
Your horse’s sweat is made up of water and macro minerals called electrolytes. Electrolytes, which include sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, affect hydration, blood pH, and play an important role in nerve and muscle function.

why do horses sweat
Why do horses sweat?
Perspiring helps keep your horse’s body cool during hot weather, exercise, and periods of stress. As your horse’s body heat increases, it triggers his sweat glands to start releasing sweat. When the perspiration evaporates, it carries heat away from the skin, helping cool your horse down.

no sweat something to sweat about
No sweat – is it something to sweat about?
Anhidrosis is the decreased ability or complete loss of the ability to sweat. Because horses perspire to help keep their body cool, horses with this condition may overheat, which can lead to poor performance or even collapse. While no treatment exists for this condition, there are ways you can help. Check out for smart tips on managing horses with anhidrosis.

dangers of dehydration
The dangers of dehydration
Healthy hydration is crucial to your horse’s well-being, and if his water intake doesn’t keep up with what he’s losing in sweat, he could be at risk for dehydration. Dehydration can lead to serious consequences, including fatigue, poor performance, heat exhaustion, and even colic.

how electrolytes work
How electrolytes work
Electrolyte supplements are carefully designed to help replenish the key minerals lost in sweat, helping ensure that your horse isn’t left with a nutritional imbalance when he perspires. The salt found in electrolytes will also encourage your horse to drink, helping to ensure he stays happy, healthy, and hydrated.

Be prepared with daily support
It’s not possible for horses to store electrolytes in the body, so giving your horse a daily electrolyte supplement like SmartLytes® Pellets in SmartPaks™ is a smart choice. Providing a consistent daily serving of electrolytes can help make sure your horse always has what he needs to replace what’s lost during exercise, hot weather, and shipping.

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