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Ask the Vet – Hoof packing, tying up vs colic, riding in the heat, and more! – August 2017



You asked, we answered! In this episode of our monthly series, Ask the Vet, Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Sarah answer your questions about what Lydia keeps in Newman’s journal, hoof packing, when is it too hot ride, exercises to do in the heat, the difference between tying up and colic, and so much more! Make sure to watch until the end when they give you some product ideas for staying cool when you’re riding this summer!

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Questions answered in this episode:
1. I was wondering if you could go into detail about what kind of information you track in Newman’s journal? Do you keep track of every ride? Or just monitor his general health? I would like to start a journal for my two horses, but would like some more detail on what kind of information is useful to keep track of!
2. I was wondering what the pros and cons of packing your horse’s feet are. I know some people who recommend packing horse’s feet when they’re finished showing, and others who pack their horse’s feet when they have abscesses. If you do recommend packing the horse’s hooves, what do you recommend packing them with?
3. How do you tell when it is too hot to ride your horse? Does SmartPak have any items that would help with keeping cool this summer?
4. What exercises could I do when it’s hot? Lunging? Poles?
5. What is the difference between tying up and colic?

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One comment on “Ask the Vet – Hoof packing, tying up vs colic, riding in the heat, and more! – August 2017
  1. elaine gower says:

    my 2 horses got into 100 lbs. of chicken feed and foundered badly. i fed hay for weeks then slowly put them in pasture for 4 hours a day. now i hear if i put them on grass it should be only at night. also, to put them in a grazing muzzle. why would grass at night be less harmful?

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