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Young & Developing Horses (and Young & Developing Riders) Share the Spotlight at Lamplight

Imagine you’re warming up for a dressage test in the same arena as . . . Laura Graves! And your judges include . . . FEI 5* judge Gary Rockwell! And then George Williams, the USDF President strolls by! This

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A Day of Driving followed by . . . Another Day of Driving

What ranges from 9 to 17 hands? Entries in the first-ever “Day of Driving” at the Fox Valley Saddle Association and at the first-ever HUB Club Arena Driving Trial, that’s what! Held Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16 at

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Pre-Purchase Exams

Could you review the components of a typical pre-purchase exam? Which parts do you see as vital for any buyer? Which parts might you consider optional? – via A pre-purchase examination (PPE) in a horse is a “snapshot” of

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What’s in Newman’s Journal?

I get a lot of questions about Newman’s Journal, like: what kinds of things do I record in it, how often do I write stuff down, what do I do with the information I record, and so on. I’ve been

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Moon Blindness

I have an Appaloosa/Paint mix, and my farrier once mentioned to me to be careful about moon blindness. What is it, what breeds does it affect, what can be done to prevent it, and once it’s contracted, what are the

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Summer Sores

We have had a few pasture horses develop “summer sores” on their lower lips, and I’ve heard it is caused by a fly-borne parasite. They were already wormed with Ivermectin about a month ago, which seems to be the most

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HUB Club 2017 Annual Spring Clinic with Sterling Graburn: Horses, Drivers, and Auditors Take Home “Sterling” Silver Nuggets of Wisdom

If you closed your eyes – and your ears, carriages are quite noisy/squeaky – you could have imagined you were at a dressage clinic on May 27and 28 when the HUB Club hosted Sterling Graburn at the Fox Valley Saddle

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Clipping A Horse’s Whiskers

With show season coming up, is it truly harmful to shave/trim a horse’s facial whiskers since they are “connected” to their brain cells? – via You’ve asked a fascinating question, as there’s much more to whiskers than meets the

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I recently discovered that my horse has ringbone. He is on a joint supplement for now but what else can you do to treat and prevent ringbone? What exactly is it and how long until I will see the side

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How to Pull a Mane with No Muss and No Fuss

You’ll need: • One horse with a mane • Said horse’s favorite treats • A human with fingers • Some sort of brush or comb I credit my previous horse, Leader, with teaching me how to pull a mane. An

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Janet Foy puts the “L” in “JudgeLets”

“Judgelets” is Janet’s term for the participants in the USDF “L” program. Developed by the USDF Judges’ Committee, this educational training program teaches learner judges to evaluate the correct training of dressage horses. The program is divided into two parts

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Chronic Choke

I have an older horse in his 20s and he has recently started choking. He is now considered a chronic choker. I have had to get him tubed twice by the vet and now we have to soak his food

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Horse Health During Long Distance Trailering

My dad is going to retire from the military probably in March next year, and for us that means we have to haul my horse from North Carolina to Texas where we plan to keep him at my grandparents’ house.

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8 Simple Steps to Freestyle Bronze

My Goal for the 2017 Competition Year – A USDF Bronze Bar for achievement in Freestyle Dressage! Now that Newman and I have earned our United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Bronze Medal for scores at First, Second, and Third Level,

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Hot or Cold? The Methodology Behind Heat and Ice Therapy Explained

What is the difference between hot and cold therapy (i.e. sweating the leg and icing or cold hosing, respectively) and under what circumstances should each be used? via Heat therapy (thermotherapy) and cold therapy (cryotherapy) along with their cousin

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