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Funky Ear Plaque

My horse has a funky white plaque inside his ears. Everything I’ve read says to leave it alone, and it doesn’t seem to bother him, but it bothers me! Is there any safe treatment for it? Could it potentially cause

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I Survived a Mary Wanless Clinic

What’s a balloon got to do with dressage riding? If you’re Mary Wanless, internationally renowned rider biomechanics coach and author of the “Ride With Your Mind” books and DVDs, a lot! Thank goodness I had already read her books and

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Demystifying Vitamin E Supplements in Horses

My vet recently told me that my horse should be on a Vitamin E supplement since he has no access to pasture. I went online to research my options but now I’m SO confused! There seem to be a lot

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Colic Risk Factors

I’m doing a group project at school about colic, trying to find a solution that we could give horses to help stop it. We would greatly appreciate if you could give us some advice on colic and some things used

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Helping A Horse Gain Weight

My mare is a hard keeper. How can I maintain her weight easily? – via Unfortunately, there may not be an “easy” way to maintain your mare’s weight. That’s why they call them “hard” keepers! But I can give

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Symptoms of Ulcers

I recently bought a Thoroughbred mare that is seriously underweight. I’m worried that she might have ulcers. I’ve had her for a few weeks on grain and 24/7 hay and she doesn’t seem to be gaining any weight. How can

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All Green at the John Greenall Clinic

While the steady rain may have dampened spring pastures, it sure didn’t dampen the spirits of the hearty drivers and auditors who attended the HUB Club’s 2016 annual clinic held April 29 – May 1 at Theresa Adams’ farm in

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Ask the Vet: Magnesium Supplements & Eventing Horses

I recently saw on social media that there could be a link between magnesium and higher eventing fatalities. Is there any truth to this? I give my horse a supplement that contains magnesium. Is this something I should be concerned

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Supplement Shelf-Life

Being in the south, I am concerned about keeping our tub and bag supplements out in the humidity and heat. How much will temperature and humidity affect my supplements and grain “shelf life” and effectiveness? What are the signs to look for in spoilage, if that is possible?

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Help for a Horse with Lyme Disease

My 21-year-old Thoroughbred suffers from chronic lameness and was recently diagnosed with Lyme’s disease.  He completed his month long treatment of doxycycline and appears to be slightly improved.  He gets Phenylbutazone daily as well as SmartPak Senior. Is there anything

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How to Design a Musical Freestyle

I often hear riders (both dressage and other) wistfully say: I’d love to ride a musical freestyle! Riding to music is one thing – and has many benefits, such as blocking out other noise, getting your horse used to sound,

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Love Lilo!

One of my favorite clinicians to audit each year is Lilo Fore, who owns and operates Sport Horse America in Santa Rosa, CA. Recently promoted to an FEI 5* judge (the highest classification), she has been a member of the

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Coughing During Warm-Up

Lately my gelding has started coughing when I first take him out of his stall and start warming up. He is kept in his stall about 12 hours every day. The barn he stays in is very open and has

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A Day in the Life of a Dressage Show Scribe

“Needs steadier connection” = 6.5 “Straight on center line, square and secure halt” = 8.0 “Could have better bend and balance” = 7.0 With exciting and interesting language like that awaiting my penmanship, I could hardly wait for the alarm

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Cooling Out Your Horse

I know I’m supposed to cool my horse down completely after every ride. What’s the best way to determine if she’s properly cooled off? – via You sound like a knowledgeable and conscientious rider! No doubt you have your

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