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Cooling Out a Hot Horse

What are your methods/process for cooling out a hot horse (down to the details like slowly loosening the girth, leaving the saddle pad on for a few minutes while you un-tack so the back doesn’t get cold, etc.)? – Jessica

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All about studs

“Are you part of deciding what studs to use? Is so, can you please tell us everything you know?!” – Jean F. from Carlsbad, CA Deciding what studs to use can be a difficult decision. Nowadays there are so many

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Making Your Mark: How to craft the perfect quarter marks

When teaching grooming clinics, quarter marks are one of the main items I get asked to show people. There are many styles that can be done, depending on your ‘artistic’ skills you can go from the simple diamonds to your

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Ask the Groom – Cold Weather Bathing

“For many horse owners, our bathing facilities are limited to cold running water or a bucket of heated water. Given these conditions, what is the best way to get a horse show-ring clean when the temperatures are still quite chilly?

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Ask The Groom: To Clip or Not To Clip

When to clip? I’ve heard that body clipping in the spring is “too late” because you’re clipping over the newly growing in coat… What do you think? What’s the best body clipping schedule? – Jessica N., Charlotte, VT For many

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