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What’s in a Wag?


What are the muscles in a dog’s rear right leg that could be torn and which way does the tail wag if they are happy. I am just curious and a little worried about my dog? Please respond as soon

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Licking Paws


My 10 year old Jack Russell has recently started licking his paws. A friend told me this can be caused by a reaction to yeast in foods and that I should switch him to something higher in protein and lower

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Choosing a Flea Preventative


What is the most effective flea med available? BG, Texas Dear BG, Unfortunately, there’s not really “one” most effective flea product. Because different products contain different active ingredients, they all work a little differently. It’s up to you and your

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Heartworm Testing


“Why does my dog need a heartworm test every year? Can’t I just buy the preventive from you without a prescription? – ER, Vermont”

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Best Joint Supplement for Early Joint Discomfort in Dogs


“Which joint supplement would be best for a middle-aged dog that weighs around 50 pounds? He’s not lame or anything, but I’m worried that he’s starting to get arthritis because I notice he’s getting slower to get up from a nap, jump in the car, climb stairs, things like that…”

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Dealing with Canine Cancer


“We have used SmartPak for our horses for years and are well aware of the power of supplements. Do you have any suggestions for a dog w/cancer? Thank you, GD”

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Canine Bloat: Is Your Dog at Risk?


“We just brought home our new great dane puppy about 2 months ago. She’s getting to the point now where she’s growing like a weed! I’m really concerned about the bloat that great danes get easily. She’s an extremely fast eater too! Do I need to get a bloat bowl and an elevated feeder because of her height or just bloat bowl or just the elevated feeder??…”

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Luxating Patellas


“My 5 lb dog has luxating patellas and is now having trouble with her front legs, as well. They seem to “lock up” on her and she doesn’t want to move. She is only 4 and I am considering the surgery, but would like to know if there is some supplemental therapy that might help.” – DM, Georgia

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Canine Oral Health: Kiss that Bad Breath Goodbye


My dog’s breath is really bad, is there anything I can do to help? My vet suggested I schedule a dental, even though his teeth aren’t that bad, but I’m nervous to sedate him for such a quick procedure. LC, Massachusetts

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From Fat to Fit: Feeding the Overweight Dog


If my dog is overweight, how do I determine if he should be on a weight-loss food or if cutting the current food is best? SM, North Carolina

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When Does My Dog Need Senior Food?


When should I switch my adult dog to senior food and which senior food is the best? I’m especially concerned about the different protein levels in the two foods. – SG Dear SG, We’ve all heard that dogs age seven

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Is Horse Dewormer Safe for Dogs?


Hello, I was told by a Jack Russell Terrier breeder that it would be ok to give my Jack Russel Terrier Liqui-Care P. for worms. I know this stuff is for horses. Is this ok or not? Thank you! –

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Are Horse Treats Safe for Dogs?


I’ve noticed that a couple of barn dogs like to eat HoofSnax or FlaxSnax if they are left within reach. I’ve wondered if the biotin in the HoofSnax would hurt the dogs in any way. Also I’ve noticed that the

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Separation Anxiety

My dog gets really wound up when I leave in the morning for work. And he’s even more excited when I get home in the evening, jumping up on me and barking. Now I’m seeing marks on the doors like

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Choosing the Right Joint Supplement

I have been using vita flex, flex free maximum strength joint support formula for over 15 years on my dogs, which has worked wonderfully.  I cannot seem to find it anymore, do you have any other suggestions? JP, Wyoming Dear

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