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Considering DIY vaccination

I own two off-track Thoroughbreds that live at home. I have been considering self-vaccination for my mare and gelding. Can you share with me pros and cons of not having my veterinarian do this task? – via Believe me,

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Best Way to Wrap a Horse

I always see riders using polo wraps on their horses. I was first told that they provide support to the tendons in the horse’s legs. Then I was told that they are not supportive, but only for protection. Which is

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Barn Air Quality: Coping with extreme cold

“My friend told me that it’s better to keep the windows open in the barn so fresh air circulates, even in the winter. Is that still true in the middle of a polar vortex? I hate to leave the barn

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Manure Happens

The removal of horse manure is a challenge for all horse barns. If manure is spread rather than removed from paddocks in late fall will it be fully composted by the spring to grow grass or will it just breed

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Are You Ready for a Horse Emergency?

“I’m a fairly new horse owner, and last week a horse at my barn hurt himself badly enough to need a vet. Now I’m worried that I won’t know what to do in an emergency (or worse yet, not even know that my horse is hurt or ill)! Can you tell me what to look for and what to do if my horse suddenly gets sick or injured and I’m the only one around?”

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Disaster Preparation for Horses

“Although I didn’t actually receive a question on this topic, Hurricane Sandy inspired me to write about it because it’s an area most horse owners don’t think about until it’s too late…”

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Traveling with Your Horse? Reduce the Red Tape

Whether it’s a short distance or a long trip, you’ve got a lot to think about any time you haul your horse. Getting all the right tests done and paperwork filled out may seem like a lot of extra time and money. In this article, you’ll find out what you need to travel and why.

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How To Wrap Your Horse’s Legs

Wrapping a horse’s legs is a barn skill every owner should master. From applying polo wraps for exercise to shipping bandages for trailering to standing wraps overnight in the stall, there are many reasons why the equine limb might need additional support.

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Trailering a Horse Long-Distance

My horse is going to have to make a 15 hour trip in the trailer this summer. I am going to break it up into two parts, but it is still not going to be any fun for him. He

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Horse Wormers: Daily Dewormers vs. Paste Dewormers

What is the difference between pellets & paste wormer. Is one better than the other. I have problems giving my horses the paste. And was looking into giving them the pellet form with their food. CJ, Florida Dear CJ, While

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Preventing Proud Flesh in Horses

Is there a topical medication that assists in the healing cuts to reduce scarring and proud flesh? My Arab has a 21″ cut – stitches were just removed. I always use vitamin E but was hoping there was something else

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Red Maple Leaf Toxicity

Is it true that the leaves of the red maple tree are poisonous to horses? If so, what are the signs? We have noticed several in our pasture now that it’s fall and are concerned. LL, Vermont Dear LL, Yes,

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Managing the Stresses of Moving

I was wondering if you could help guide me with what might be good to give my horse. I have moved her from my house in Maine were she was living the good life: grass pastures and low stress environment.

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Getting a Horse to Eat Supplements

My pony takes five supplements. I cannot get him to eat them without adding too much grain to his diet. Is there something I could put in to make it taste better without making him too “up?” PB, New York

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Finding a Horse’s Heart Rate

Hello. I am in 8th grade and I am doing a science fair project on what types of music affect a horse’s heart rate. My teacher told us we had to interview someone so I chose you. Could you tell

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