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Demystifying feed through daily dewormers

Demystifying feed through daily dewormers

Would it be overdosing my horses if I gave them a daily dose of dewormer “Strongid C” every morning with their feed, and still do a rotation de-worming paste every other month? – JN, Indiana Dear JN, Yes. Your New

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Should I be feeding my horse’s supplements year-round?


My show horse gets a joint supplement, an electrolyte supplement, Omega Horseshine and SmartHoof Pellets. A few people in my barn mentioned that they stop feeding supplements once show season is over, and I’m wondering if that is recommended. I

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Raise Your Joint IQ

Joint IQ

“Put your joint smarts to the test!”

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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Reduced Exercise? Reduce Diet!


“I have a 8 year-old Quarter Horse/Arabian/Mustang mix that weighs about 1000 lbs. My 11 year-old daughter barrel races on him about 1-2 times per week and exercises him another 2 days in the week…We are new horse owners, we’ve had him a couple of years. Over the winter, when my daughter wasn’t riding him as often as she usually does, he put on about 100 extra pounds…”

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The Top 10 Things Your Vet Wants You to Know


We asked our staff veterinarian, Dr. Lydia Gray, for a list of the top ten things your vet wants you to know, but doesn’t always have time to tell you.

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Using Oral Joint Supplements with Injectable Joint Medications


I have a wonderful vet who just put my horse on Adequan which I am very happy about. My only question is can I now stop with oral joint supplements, this can be very costly. Thanks CS, Florida

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No More Deworming Rotation Chart?


Looking for the 3 way rotation chart. Had it saved to my favorites and it shows up for 1/2 a second then goes to this page. Can you repost this on your website? PLEASE bring this back. Or, is there someone out there who has it saved and can send it to me? Thanks, Ann

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Does a Bale of Hay a Day Keep the Vet Away?


How much hay should one feed a Morgan/Friesian horse? He is 15.2 hands in height and weighs about 1250 pounds. I have been giving him some Remission as a preventative due to his weight being close to 1400 lbs when

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Is There a ‘Perfect’ Weight For a Horse?


My horse is approx. 15.1 hands, and is 966 lbs. What is the best weight for a horse? I have been told he needs to lose weight. – BS, Alabama Dear BS, Most experts agree that the “best” weight for

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Nutrient Requirements in Horses


How can I determine if my horses are getting the proper daily nutrients? Where can I find the nutrients they should get along with the minimum and maximum? I can calculate what they get, I just don’t know if it

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Safely Deworming with a Heavy Parasite Load


Is the Panacur (5 day) Powerpac safe to give to a 700 lb EXTREMELY WORMY 3 year old colt? Should he be given the full tube or just the amount of tube for his weight? KM from FL Dear KM,

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”The Matrix” Meets Horse Supplements

Is there a matrix somewhere that recommends types of daily supplements that should be used based on type of grain fed, type of use, hours of forage/day, etc?

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