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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Post Colic Surgery Diet


What would you recommend for grain/hay and/or probiotics for a 15 yr old mare that has tied up before, ulcered and just had colic surgery. Her intestines were impacted with Corn Cob bedding. She is not forming manure yet, still cow patty style, she will be home a week March 3rd. Thanks, Brenda

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Moon Blindness—A Life Sentence?

Moon Blindness

My 10 y/o Warmblood mare was just recently diagnosed with ERU or Moon Blindness in her right eye. I was told by the vet that she would have to be on a daily dose of aspirin for the rest of her life. I am worried about ulcers, is there a specific aspirin that I should be using? How often should I have her checked for ulcers? She has never had a history of ulcers or other digestive issues (KNOCK ON WOOD). Thank you so much,
KP, Illinois

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Nephrosplenic Entrapment as a Cause of Colic


My gelding recently had a nephrosplenic entrapment. Treated successfully with rolling. What can be done to prevent this? Are there any early warning signs that I may have missed? How often does this recur? DG, Pennsylvania

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Safe Treats for a Horse with HYPP


What treats are 100% guaranteed safe for an HYPP horse? Thanks! SG Dear SG, Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee or promise that products will be safe for horses with certain health conditions like HYPP (Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis). Because diet is such

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Navicular: Heel Pain Giving You a Headache?


I have a 6 yo Quarter Horse mare that I compete in Western Pleasure, who has recently started exhibiting some of the early signs of Navicular disease. Sometimes she’s a little ouchy on her front feet when ridden on hard ground; taking short, shuffling strides and she’s started to stumble a little more than she used to…

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Scratches: Will His Heels Ever Heal?


What is the most effective medical treatment for scratches (pastern dermatitis)? For the first time, my horse has them below his front fetlocks. I have been told conflicting advice by two different vets. One says to remove the scabs, the other said not to. I have been scrubbing them and spraying them, and doing my best to keep my gelding’s feet clean and dry. What medication and treatment do you recommend? A prescription is fine, as I will be able to get it from my vet. Thank you and God bless.
– TC, Pennsylvania

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Supplements and the Foundered Horse


Have you found any supplement that actually seems to help foundered horses? -Jan Dear Jan, Founder (chronic laminitis) can be caused by so many different things it’s hard to make a blanket recommendation. Are you asking how to prevent it

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Does this diet have too much protein for an older horse with Cushing’s?


I am writing for advice on my 26-year-old Arabian gelding. His body score condition is currently about a six. He has Cushing’s (receiving 1 mg Pergolide daily) and he also receives Cosequin joint supplement daily. He has been treated empirically

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Managing a Young Horse with PSSM


I have a Clydesdale/Friesian cross just turned 2 yrs old filly. She is 16h and weight is good, not wanting her to get any heavier. She came to me 4 weeks ago on a local grain that was a 10%

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Supplement for Cushing’s Horse


My 23 yr old QH mare was diagnosed today with Cushing’s. I am starting her on Pergolide ASAP. Can you please advise me about the diet I should provide? Rice bran pellets (Vitabran) and alfalfa was my plan. I had also just put her on glucosamine as a preventative measure. Should I hold off on that until we stabilize the Cushing’s? Or do you recommend Cetyl-M for horses as a daily joint supplement?

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Feeding Glucosamine to Insulin Resistant Horses


My 21-year-old gelding has Cushing’s and IR and foundered twice before an appropriate pergolide dose was reached. He also now has arthritis problems and has had his joints injected. I wanted to start him on a daily joint supplement but was advised against it due to human diabetics reacting to glucosamine.

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Best Supplements and Exercise for Horse with OCD

I have a five year old Belgian mare that has some ocd in her hocks. She also had a bone chip in her pastern as a weanling. The chip was removed and the joint cleaned up in surgery. I am

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Supplement Recommendations for an EPM Survivor?

I have a 15 YO Warmblood gelding who is an EPM survivor. He has some residual neurological issues, what do you recommend for his supplements?

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Support for Lymphangitis

I have a horse that is just getting over lymphangitis. He has now had 3 severe bouts of it. He is on very good feed, but I am looking for something to boost his immune system. Any suggestions? Thanks. TV,

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Kissing Spines

My 7 year old Thoroughbred eventer was recently diagnosed with “kissing spines” in the area under the saddle. What causes kissing spines? How common is it? Does it affect certain breeds or horses that are doing certain disciplines more than

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