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Horse Health During Long Distance Trailering

My dad is going to retire from the military probably in March next year, and for us that means we have to haul my horse from North Carolina to Texas where we plan to keep him at my grandparents’ house.

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Adjusting to Pasture

I just recently purchased a 15-year-old gelding. He has only been on hay feed, not grass pasture. We’ve had him for almost a week now and have slowly been putting him in the grass pasture. We started at 40 minutes,

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Bot Eggs

What’s the best way to control bots and remove bot eggs from your horse?– via I’m going to approach this question from two different angles. First, if you live in an area where bot flies are a problem, try

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Strongyle Infestation

Are there regional sub-species of strongyles? I had a mare come in from Texas to Maryland on Sept 22 who received a Panacur Power Pac 5 days before shipping whose fecal sample came back high for strongyles on Dec 8.

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Supplement Shelf-Life

Being in the south, I am concerned about keeping our tub and bag supplements out in the humidity and heat. How much will temperature and humidity affect my supplements and grain “shelf life” and effectiveness? What are the signs to look for in spoilage, if that is possible?

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Protecting my pony from her pushy pasture mates

I keep my 30-year-old pony at a boarding stable where she’s turned out in a fairly large field with four other horses. Most of the time they seem to peacefully coexist, but when push comes to shove, my pony is

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Combining Supplements for Weekly Storage

I have a few horses that get a variety of supplements and I like to premeasure and put them into containers so that the barn manager doesn’t have to weight them out each time (and they are supplements not available

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How Much Sun Do Horses Need?

I have a 15-year-old TB that raced until 9 years old. He is boarded in upstate New York where there is not much sun. He receives a complete diet (designed by a nutritionist at Cornell) with 2 cups Empower. He

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Putting Weight on a Rescue Horse

I rescued three starved horses, two 12-year-old Percheron geldings and a 23-year-old QH mare. My vet told me to put them on some high fat high fiber, I was also told senior would be the best as its HF-HF, and

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Impaction Colic in horses: how to keep things flowing

“I have a 10 year old Reg Tennessee Walker Mare. She has had impaction twice in the last 6 months. I was able to clear the impaction and she went back to being herself. However, friends have suggested feeding her Metamucil to keep things flowing…”

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Purchase Examinations for Horses

“I am looking for a horse for pleasant, fun, trail riding. I already own a show jumper, now in foal with a beautiful German Hanoverian Stallion from a long line of Grand Prix Jumpers, and have found a lovely TB mare who is NOT suited for jumping (not a problem, as I am not looking for another jumper.)…”

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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Feeding Forage When Pony Lacks Teeth

“I have a 28 year old Quarter Pony gelding. He lacks adequate dentition for eating hay. His weight and appetite are good. He is fed senior feed split over 2-3 feedings per day. He also gets one feeding per day of beet pulp. I add a hay extender pellet to his senior feed, but he doesn’t eat it up well. When he tries to eat hay, it just balls up…”

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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Broodmare Due Any Day

“My Trakehner brood mare is due March 15. She is 11 years old and in good body condition. I would like to know if I need to change her feed ration…”

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Sleep Deprivation in Horses

“After I girth my horse, he acts like he falls asleep, then his knees will buckle, and he sort of wakes himself up. OK I know it sounds funny, but the lady I bought him from said he is narcoleptic, not sure of spelling, it’s just one of many issues he has. Can horses really have that disorder, or does he just have some type of nerve there that when pressure is applied, he zones out?”

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The Great Electrolyte Debate: You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

“Is it always appropriate to administer electrolytes to a slightly dehydrated horse? I say that if the horse has become dehydrated from not drinking (vs. sweating) then electrolytes by paste or feed aren’t a good idea. Don’t the electrolytes need appropriate amounts of water within the body to “dissolve”? My counterparts say that the horse will naturally drink more (or start drinking) in response to the salt in the electrolytes and voila, hydrated horse.”

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