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Tail Chewing in Youngsters


I have about 15 young horses (a mix of weanlings and yearlings) turned out together. They have a large turnout area, but there isn’t much grass, so we provide them with free choice hay from a hay bunker (an alfalfa/grass mix). They also receive fortified grain and have access to salt/mineral blocks. We’ve been breeding horses for many years, and for some reason over the past year we’ve started to have a problem with some of these young horses chewing each other’s tails off…

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Turning Out: To Boot or Not to Boot?


Hey Dr. Gray…I have an eight year old Oldenburg who is going through a phase of wanting to cut up his legs in the pasture. They’re not bad, but I don’t want my horse going around with cuts up and down his legs. I’ve been wanting to get him turnout boots, but I wasn’t sure what kind. Any recommendations?…

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Night Lights, Night Music


I board in a barn where several people leave the lights on all night and play their radios all night very loud next to their stalls. They seem to think this is comforting to their horses but I have to believe this is disrupting to them. Can you please comment? LD, Louisiana

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Using Sonar Devices around Horses


Here is an unusual question for you. I have a bigger than normal population of rabbits and gophers who are burrowing holes under my mare motel cover area. I am sure they are just trying to get out of the

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Choosing the Right Joint Supplement for Your Senior Horse


I’m trying to find a joint supplement for a senior horse. Most have similar ingredients but it seems you have to choose whether you want something with collagen, cetylated fatty acids, or hyaluronic acid.

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Deworming an Extremely Wormy Horse


Is the Panacur (5 day) Power Pack safe to give to a 700 lb EXTREMELY WORMY 3 year old colt? Should he be given the full tube or just the amount of tube for his weight?

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Senior Horse Strategies


LATEST: Senior Horse Strategies Part 5: Exercise for the Senior Horse In the fifth and final segment of the SmartPak Senior Horse Strategies presentation, Dr. Lydia Gray DVM explains the importance of exercise for the senior horse. Miss the Earlier

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Is it Okay to Mix Supplements?

Is there any problem with nutrients interacting with each other if they are stored together for a long time? Ie do any minerals “eat up” others? Stacy Dear Stacy, Great minds think alike! SmartPak has long wondered this too, so

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MSM for Horses

Is chronic/longterm use of MSM actually detrimental? Laura Dear Laura, MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is believed to be a source of organic sulfur, required for a number of functions in the body. Sulfur plays critical roles in the formation of protein,

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Supplements for the Horse Respiratory System

What supplement can I use as a bronchodilator for endurance race horses in a dusty environment?

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Rapid Weight Loss in Horse

I have an 8-year-old gelding, purchased under a year ago. He has been in pasture w/ my mare and filly they are fat and gaining weight and look good, however; he is losing weight.

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What Does the NASC Sticker on Supplements Mean?

I’ve noticed that some of the supplements have a sticker with the initials NASC. What does that mean?
– Robin H., Canton, GA

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Favorite Horse Flavors

Can horses eat bananas??? AM, Pennsylvania Dear AM, Sometimes the simplest questions are the best! Yes, horses can eat bananas, and in some countries they’re the preferred treat for horses. In the US we’ve trained our horses to like apples,

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Horse Wormers: Daily Dewormers vs. Paste Dewormers

What is the difference between pellets & paste wormer. Is one better than the other. I have problems giving my horses the paste. And was looking into giving them the pellet form with their food. CJ, Florida Dear CJ, While

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Balancing Your Horse's Diet with SmartOmega 3

A friend of mine recommended SmartOmega 3 – she said your customer service reps said it is okay to add to any horse’s current program. Is that actually true? And what are the benefits of this product?JN, Maine Dear JN,

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