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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Adjusting My Draft Horse’s Diet


I am in Pennsylvania and have a 6 year old, 16.2 h., athletic, Percheron x Paint/TB mare (Kit) who is an extremely easy keeper. I have had Kit for a little over a year but due to my current time constraints and the fact that she is boarded 25 miles away, I have trouble getting there consistently and thus, she is receiving very little organized exercise. She is turned out 23 hrs/day in rotated lush grassy (seasonal) pastures w/ access to the barn and plenty of water at all times…

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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Post Colic Surgery Diet


What would you recommend for grain/hay and/or probiotics for a 15 yr old mare that has tied up before, ulcered and just had colic surgery. Her intestines were impacted with Corn Cob bedding. She is not forming manure yet, still cow patty style, she will be home a week March 3rd. Thanks, Brenda

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Does Your Overweight Horse Need to Lose A Few Pounds?


I have acquired an overweight horse that needs to lose approximately 150 pounds. I plan to feed him mixed and grass hay with minimal to no grain. Because of this I feel he needs a vitamin/mineral supplement to make up for any deficiencies due to hay quality. Any suggestions? L.S.

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Does a Bale of Hay a Day Keep the Vet Away?


How much hay should one feed a Morgan/Friesian horse? He is 15.2 hands in height and weighs about 1250 pounds. I have been giving him some Remission as a preventative due to his weight being close to 1400 lbs when

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Transitioning from Pasture: What are the Risks?


I have just moved my horse from Missouri to Oklahoma. He is going from full time, lush pasture that received a great deal of rain to turn out with occasional grain (a scoop 2-3 times per week). Now he is

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Changing Your Horse’s Diet from Growth to Maintenance


How long should a horse be on a growth type feed? I have a 2 year old QH filly, and she’s in training full time now, going to be a reiner. I’m bringing her home in a few weeks to

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Feeding a Young Horse


What is the best feed for a 4 year old Thoroughbred that is turned out several hours in a grass pasture? Horse is not excerised by means of lungeing or riding and is a little on the rounder side. I

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Is My Horse Getting All of His Vitamins?


I bought two Thoroughbreds from the racetrack in Oct ’09. I began by feeding a store brand sweet and SafeChoice pellets and fed on the maintenance level. I switched to Purina brands-Strategy Healthy Edge (texturized) and Omolene 100 or 200

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The Absorption of Oral Joint Supplements


Have read a lot about joint supplements and I think the real truth is that none of that glucosamine or chondroitin even gets through the intestines and to the joints. When a horse gets better it is just all that

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Milk Replacer for Growing Foal


Which is the need of lactose (%) for a foal fed with a milk replacer? Alfonso Dear Alfonso, According to the sixth edition of Nutrient Requirements of Horses, mare’s milk ranges from 6 to 7 % lactose depending on the

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What is the Real Answer to Sweet Feeds?


What is the real answer to sweet feeds? Does it make horses “hot”?

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Benefits of Fat for the Endurance Horse


I have a 14 yo anglo-arab mare. She is a distance horse competing in Competitive Trail Rides — usually 30-mile rides. I would like to make sure she is getting enough fat in her diet and would like to know if I need to give her glycogen supplements? She is 15.3 and 1100 lbs. I feed her 2 lbs of beet pulp, 1/4 c of apple cider vinegar with 30ml of flaxseed oil, electrolytes and 1 cup of rice bran (all wetted down with water) twice a day…

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Is It Possible to Over Supplement?

2 horses

“Is it possible to over supplement your horse? I only give my horses a little Omelene 100 as more of a treat. I have never had my hay analyzed either but both my vet and farrier say they are healthy with body scores of 6 & 7, one puts on weight easily…”

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Cracked Hoof

Cracked Hoof

Some of my horses have cracks in their hooves. I feed alfalfa and grass hay twice a day and they also receive ADM Patriot 12% once daily. My horses are off duty all winter meaning I do not ride at all in the winter. What are they lacking nutritionally assuming this is a nutrition issue?

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Supplement for Pregnant Mare


I would like to know if Mare Plus is dangerous to feed to a mare newly pregnant. It expired in July 08, is in SmartPaks, and has been kept cool and dark. I would expect it to be not as potent but is it okay for the first trimester?

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