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How Much Pasture Do Horses Eat?

Could you tell me how long a horse that gets 2 flakes of hay morning and evening would have to be turned out on good pasture to get the same intake?  Thanks! KP, Pennsylvania  Dear KP,  I have a short

Posted in Ask the Vet, Nutrition, Seasonal Horse Care

Feeding Insect Control to Pregnant Mares

I saw in one of your emails that Equitrol II can be fed to pregnant/lactating mares and foals. I have searched Farnam’s site and can find no information to this effect. I contacted Farnam years ago when I first bred

Posted in Seasonal Horse Care

Getting horses to drink in the winter

I am concerned that my Percheron mare is not drinking enough water, now that the seasons have changed. She has access to a salt block, but doesn’t use it that much in the colder months. Can I add anything to

Posted in Seasonal Horse Care

Horses That Can’t Sweat (Anhidrosis)

What can you tell me about anhidrosis? I understand it has something to do with a horse not sweating properly, but I don’t understand why horses develop this problem. Also, I heard there’s a treatment for it but you have

Posted in Diseases and Conditions, Seasonal Horse Care

Preparing Your Horse for Winter

Dear SmartPak: I recently moved with my horse from a warmer location to a colder one that also has ice and snow. What do I need to do differently to make sure my horse stays happy and healthy through the

Posted in Seasonal Horse Care

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