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The Hard Keeper: How to Put Weight on Safely and Sanely

I have a nine year old Thoroughbred. He’s a super hard keeper. Prone to be a bit anxious, although not a ‘hot’ horse at all. I’m looking for a good weight gainer supplement that will help him build muscle for

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Rapid Weight Loss in Horse

We have a 34 year old mare, who is losing weight rapidly in the last month. She will not eat it if we add water to it. What could we add/supplement or change to help her?

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Horse Weight Loss

I have a horse that had a previous Body Condition Score (BCS) of 5. I have had the equine dentist out to examine him and perform a routine checkup. However, my horse does not bit well and still drops his food while eating. His BCS now is at 4. What can I do to improve this?

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Rehabilitating a Hardkeeper

I have recently taken in a 21-year-old gelding that had been in my family in the past. His body condition score (BCS) was between a one/two. He has been fed performance 12:12, but I wondered if there is something else I can offer him or am I just being too impatient?

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Slow Down Hay Eating

I have a question about hay feeding. I have heard someone makes some sort of system that helps horses not gulp down their hay in big mouthfuls. I cannot find anything on where to get anything like that. Have you

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Adding Weight, Not Attitude

I have a sensible 7 yr old thoroughbred that I use for dressage & trail. My trainer told me I should try to put some weight on him. On her and another trainer’s advice, I started giving him beet pulp

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Feeding a Pony a Multi-Vitamin Instead of Grain

I have a 6 YO small pony (40″ & about 450 lbs.) and I think she needs to lose weight. She eats Timothy hay and 1/3 Cup of Omolene 100 2X’s a day. I am not certain that this small

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