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Give Your Horse Some Summer Lovin’ Now & Later: Hindgut Support

• During the summer, it might be common for your horse to experience sudden changes in exercise or activity level, like an increased workload during a horse show, or a drop in work when you go on vacation (lucky!). Unfortunately,

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Give Your Horse Some Summer Lovin’ Now & Later: Gastric Support

• Common summer barn events like training, traveling, and competing can increase your horse’s risk for gastric issues. • A stressed stomach can negatively impact your horse’s health, attitude, and performance, which can cause big problems when you’re trying to

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Give Your Horse Some Summer Lovin’ Now & Later: Skin & Coat Support

• Nothing is more fun than having a spa day and giving your horse a bath, but too much bathing with shampoo can strip the natural oils away from your horse’s coat and make it look dull. • To help

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Finley’s #ROOTD

With the hot summer weather in full force, I try to keep Finley looking cool in his sharp teal and black ROOTD! Plymouth Elite Dressage Bridle and Plymouth Web Reins by SmartPak I purchased this bridle for Finley when I

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Give Your Horse Some Summer Lovin’ Now & Later: Hoof Support

• Between frequent bathing and the other shifts between wet and dry environments that your horse’s hooves go through every day, they could be at risk for cracks and other structural problems. • In addition to that, horses that spend

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Second Shift – Fork-lift Operator

 2nd- Shift The Fork-Lift Operator(s) perform jobs within the warehouse as well as production floor areas. This position deals with tasks related to the movement of product that requires the use of powered equipment. Essential Job Functions: • Able to

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Give Your Horse Some Summer Lovin’ Now & Later: Senior Joint Support

• Whether your senior spends his days roaming a pasture or has been working hard all summer, his joints are experiencing the wear and tear that come with activity. • His joints have already been under stress and strain for

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Give Your Horse Some Summer Lovin’ Now & Later: Joint Support

• Whether you’ve been heading out on long trail rides or traveling to horse shows on the weekend, your horse has been working hard all summer and his joints are under stress. • While your horse’s joints are designed to

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Give Your Horse Some Summer Lovin’ Now & Later

The only thing better than summer adventures with your horse is thinking about the years of adventures yet to come. The best way to have fun now and later is to give your horse the support he needs to stay

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Nemo’s First Jumper Show

Something that I’ve always loved about riding, is that you can never stop learning as a rider, and teaching your horse new things. I grew up riding hunter jumper, and then dressage in college, and found my horse Nemo just

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Human Resources Business Partner

Horse or Dog Loving HR Business Partner Wanted! Position Summary: This is not your typical HRBP role, but SmartPak is not your typical company!!  Culture and values are a big deal here.  We want to spend our time figuring out

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Dog of the Month: Amos

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the many perks about working for SmartPak is that we have a dog-friendly office (pretty cool, right?). While you might think that this would make for a loud and stressful work environment,

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What’s in Newman’s Journal?

I get a lot of questions about Newman’s Journal, like: what kinds of things do I record in it, how often do I write stuff down, what do I do with the information I record, and so on. I’ve been

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The Rider’s Inner Monologue: Vet Check Day

Today’s the day. It’s been six months of stall rest due to a tendon injury and today is judgement day after endless hours of hand-walking, icing, and wrapping. You’re nervous, you’re sweating, you’re looking at your breakfast like it’s something

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Why Team SmartPak Loves Their Farriers

In honor of National Farriers Week, we asked a few of our Team SmartPak riders to answer a few questions about why they love their farriers. Check out what they had to say, and then share your own stories in

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