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M is for Metabolic Health

m is for metabolic health

After the food your horse eats is digested, the metabolic system turns the fuel in that food into energy, powering his every move. But what happens when things go wrong? Equine Metabolic Syndrome, or EMS, refers to a collection of

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L is for Lower Colic Risk

l is for lower colic risk

Every horse is at risk for colic. In fact, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) estimates that 900,000 horses will colic each year in the U.S. alone. Not only is colic common, it can be very serious — in

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K is for Potassium

periodic table

Potassium is a macromineral that plays an essential role in muscle contractions. All horses need potassium, but horses diagnosed with HYPP (Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis) need to have their potassium intake monitored closely, as too much can contribute to abnormal muscle

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J is for Joints

joint horse

Your horse’s body is an impressive machine. It’s designed to manage the normal wear and tear that’s associated with being a horse — an animal designed to be on the move! However, research has shown that joint problems are a

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Minimizing the Saddle Shopping Woes


Saddle shopping – to a novice it sounds like fun, but it puts fear into the hearts of all who have undertaken it before. Does it fit me? Does it fit my horse? Will my horse change shape? Does my

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Dog of the Month: Cooper

Cooper 4

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the many perks about working for SmartPak is that we have a dog-friendly office (pretty cool, right?). While you might think that this would make for a loud and stressful work environment,

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SmartPak Representative, Trade and Sales (California)

Position Summary:  Utilizing SmartPak’s Mobile Retail Unit, this individual will be responsible for developing, cultivating and managing relationships with Barn Professionals and horse owners in the California market. .  Territory Sales and Trade Representatives promote customer satisfaction and loyalty by

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SmartGut® Ultra Pellets Research in the News

Since we first completed our research study on SmartGut Ultra Pellets, we’ve been eager to share our findings with horse owners and veterinarians and have been thrilled to see it featured in magazines, journals, and at veterinary conferences over the

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A Non-Eventer’s Take on Rolex


The Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event has a rich history beginning in 1976 with its first horse trial. In 1998, the event became the only CCI**** outside of Europe to this day. Personally, my only experience with eventing came from

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Q&A: Equinox 365

q and a

Did you know that you can give your horse year-round support and save 25% every month with our Equinox 365™ program? We sat down with SmartPaker Kerri, one of the brains behind Equinox 365, and asked her the most frequently

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I is for Insect Control

opening horse

Summer is here BUZZ, which means the arrival of two BUZZ very important events: perfect riding weather and BUZZ fly BUZZ season. From the barn aisle to your horse’s turnout to the ring BUZZ and the trails, the bugs will

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Why I Don’t Ride Alone

Growing up, my mom would always tell me to never ride alone. She would worry when I was at the barn all by myself, especially when I was riding horses other than my own. I never really took her warnings

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What’s New at SmartPak: June

new flag

We work hard to make sure that you’ll be able to make the most of your time at the barn with the gear we’ve found just for you. That’s why our selection of tack, apparel, barn gear, and more gets

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H is for Hindgut Health

h is for hindgut health

Your horse’s hindgut is responsible for digesting the complex carbohydrates your horse eats, including all of his forage (hay, pasture, and other roughage). Since the majority of your horse’s diet should be made up of forage, there’s a lot of

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G is for Grazing


The benefits of constant grazing are plentiful, but there are also some downsides that are important to consider before you give your horse all-day access to lush spring pasture. The pros of grazing • A slow, steady intake of forage

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