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Storing Equine Medications


Can I keep pain medications like Bute and Banamine in my tack room or will they go bad? It’s not heated or air conditioned, but it’s insulated and we keep it closed up so it doesn’t get quite as hot

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V is for Vaccinations

v is for vaccinations

As horse owners, we know there’s a lot that can go wrong in the barn, and it often feels out of our control. Luckily, protecting your horse against common diseases is one thing you can control. Annual vaccinations are essential

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U is for UV Protection

U is for uv

From skin cancer to fading coat colors, the sun’s UV rays can be harmful for both you and your horse. Luckily, you can still have fun in the sun with our top picks for UV protection. For Your Horse Keep

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Horse of a Lifetime

Leroy AR 2

I know you’ve heard the phrase “horse of a lifetime” a time or two if you are part of the horse world. The truth is I have a few horses that qualify as the “horse of a lifetime”. Each of

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T is for Temperament

T is for temp

Whether you have an inattentive horse, a spooky horse, or a moody mare, a challenging temperament can make everything from grooming to riding to grazing a miserable experience for both of you. Luckily, there’s more you can do than just

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How to Choose a Reinsman Bit

Reinsman bits blog thumb

Does choosing a Western bit leave you baffled? We teamed up with Robb Thomas from Reinsman to bring you these videos about how to choose a bit for your horse:            

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#TBT – Junior Hunter Finals at the Kentucky Horse Park


This year the Junior Hunter Finals took place in Devon, PA back in July. It brought back memories of when I was still a Junior and got to compete in them. While I’m not really too far into my amateur

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Which Way Is This Horse Facing?

Catalog Cover

When we were choosing a cover for the summer edition of our Supplement & Horse Care Guide, we fell in love with this gorgeous shot of a horse at sunset. What we didn’t know was that choosing this image was

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You Know You Own a Thoroughbred When…


I am the very proud owner of an oh so handsome Thoroughbred gelding. His name is Samurai (he will also answer to Sam, Sammy, Samwise the Brave, and Buttface). My Thoroughbred brings me so much joy and I am truly

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S is for SmartPaks


Often described as the best thing since the wheelbarrow, SmartPaks™ are custom made, pre-measured paks of your horse’s supplements. As the smartest way to feed supplements, they’ve been simplifying life around the barn for riders across the country since 1999.

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S is for Simplicity & Savings

simplicity bucket

When it comes to choosing supplements, “S” doesn’t have to stand for “stress”! Because of the challenges that come from modern horsekeeping, many horses need support in the same key areas, including joints, digestion, hooves, and coat. That’s why we

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Dog of the Month: Squish

Squish 2

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the many perks about working for SmartPak is that we have a dog-friendly office (pretty cool, right?). While you might think that this would make for a loud and stressful work environment,

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Deworming Myths Busted


We get a lot of questions about deworming, and often hear horse owners confused by myths and rumors. So we’re clearing the air and demystifying deworming! Myth #1 “I don’t need to deworm my horse because his fecal always comes

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I Survived a Mary Wanless Clinic


What’s a balloon got to do with dressage riding? If you’re Mary Wanless, internationally renowned rider biomechanics coach and author of the “Ride With Your Mind” books and DVDs, a lot! Thank goodness I had already read her books and

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Keepin’ Cool This Summer: Horse Edition

Summer 1

Me during the Winter: “I AM FREEZING! I can’t wait for the summer and warm weather!” Me during the Summer: “I AM SOAKED! I can’t wait for the winter and cooler weather!” Sound familiar? I thought so. Don’t get me

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