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From “Cow Girl” to “CowGirl” – How I Bought my First Horse

I got bit by the “horse bug” at a really young age. It may have been the Breyer horses that my grandma gave to me for my birthday one year. However it happened, I was obsessed. My parents knew nothing

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5 Lessons from a Not-So-Green Horse

I’ve had my horse Sasha since she was a green six-year-old that was just beginning to learn the ropes of being a show horse, and those first couple of years together were a challenge. (You can read about our adventures

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HUB Club 2017 Annual Spring Clinic with Sterling Graburn: Horses, Drivers, and Auditors Take Home “Sterling” Silver Nuggets of Wisdom

If you closed your eyes – and your ears, carriages are quite noisy/squeaky – you could have imagined you were at a dressage clinic on May 27and 28 when the HUB Club hosted Sterling Graburn at the Fox Valley Saddle

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Top Tips for Preparing Your Horse for Surgery

The last thing that any of us want to hear as horse owners is that our beloved animals need to have surgery. In some instances, it is an emergency situation, such as a colic surgery, in which case there is

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The Shedding Woes

Is there anything better than the signs of spring? The trees and flowers are now in full bloom. The pollen is flying. The onset of summer is soon to come. The birds happily chirping rejoicing in the splendor and glory

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How to Pull a Mane with No Muss and No Fuss

You’ll need: • One horse with a mane • Said horse’s favorite treats • A human with fingers • Some sort of brush or comb I credit my previous horse, Leader, with teaching me how to pull a mane. An

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From Backyard to Boarding

I’ve had horses ever since I was eight years old, and I was lucky enough to be able to look out the window when I woke up every morning and see them grazing in the pasture. I grew up in

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The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About SmartPaker Sarah

I’m definitely most well-known at SmartPak for my role in our videos, but when I’m not saying stuff riders say, or asking the vet, or impersonating a horse, I can be found partnering with fellow SmartPakers on all our exciting

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Adventures of the SmartPak Mobile Store: April

Now that spring is here, the SmartPak Mobile Store is busy with shows! At the end of March we attended the Galway Downs International Horse Trials, which is a 3-day event. (Though it was more like a 5-day event because

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The Importance of Down Time

Sometimes we can all use a vacation, and as I recently learned, that can go for our horses too! Over the past few months, my mare Luna has been acting uncharacteristically grumpy and spooky. While she has always been a

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Meet Miss Dixie Sophia

Dixie Sophia (known as just Dixie for short) is my rescued senior Belgian Malinois mix who’s been with me quite some time. Like any fur-mom I always want to be sure I’m doing everything I can for her to make

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Adventures of the SmartPak Mobile Store: March

Since my last blog, the SmartPak Mobile Store has been on the move! We wrapped up HITS down in Thermal, CA with a bang. HITS is a huge 8-week long hunter/jumper event that we have intermittently been attending. We attended

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Top Tips for Hosting A Horse Show

I am fortunate enough to own a small farm and recently starting hosting horse shows. There are a lot of things that go into running a horse show, and with each show we run, we learn how we can make

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A Tale of the Tail

As horse owners, we all have so many fun stories to tell about our horses. Maybe it’s the time your childhood horse jumped out of the jumping ring, or a great trail ride, or some quality time practicing ground work

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Winter Riding Adventures

Winter riding in New England normally brings chilly, unpredictable weather, and potentially some lulls in riding due to regular, unpredictable winter storms. I’m super lucky, and my barn has an indoor, so I’m able to ride Nemo year round. Most

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