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Drink it Up: All About Electrolytes


If salt makes you thirsty, how exactly do electrolytes work?

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You are now leaving Funky Town


We’ve all been there. You get to the barn and there is just something, well, funky going on with your horse’s skin. But what is it?! And what can you do about it? We’ve put together a list of the usual suspects and some helpful hints on how to handle them…

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Stop pests at the source

Stop pests at the source

Tired of endlessly spraying for flies? Sick of choking on chemical repellents? Prevent pests from becoming a problem in the first place! We’ve got four simple ways you can ensure your horses are fly-free all season long.

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Can you spot the secret stresses?


This scene might look picture perfect, but things aren’t always what they seem. The fact is, no matter how pampered a horse is, there are aspects of modern horsekeeping that are at odds with the way he was designed to live. These conflicts can take a troublesome toll, causing a range of problems from digestive upset to compromised immunity and even a affecting your horse’s soundness and performance…

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5 Things You Need to Know about Dewormer


Preventing parasite infestation is crucial to maintaining your horse’s health. If left untreated, a high parasite load can cause symptoms including poor quality coat, weight loss, diarrhea or colic. There are two methods of parasite control: daily dewormers or a paste dewormer program. No matter which method you use, there are five things every owner should (or shouldn’t) do.

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Deworming Q & A


Question: “I’m looking for the 3-way rotation chart. Can you report this on your website?”

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Raise Your Joint IQ

Joint IQ

“Put your joint smarts to the test!”

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Meet Meghan and New Dark City (“Dylan”)


“With the help of our trainers, Dylan and I have gone from competing in just showmanship and western pleasure to showing in a wide variety of classes in the Amateur division. As we focused on my goals of competing more and qualifying for Congress, my trainers and I decided to support Dylan’s joint health with a supplement…”

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Meet Kara and Grand Slam (“Homer”)


“After moving Homer to a new barn, I noticed he wasn’t acting like himself. Because of the stress that comes from a new barn, new hay and a new training program, we decided to support Homer’s digestive system with…”

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Meet Mark and A Good Storm (“Teddy”)


“I have had Teddy for close to four years now. We currently show in Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, and Halter with hopes to add Western Riding to our arsenal over the next year. Together we have accomplished so much more than anyone expected us to…”

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SmartOmega Man and the Omega 6 Overload


Modern horsekeeping puts your horse at odds with Mother Nature. Fortunately, there is a hero whose sole mission in life is to help bring your horse’s diet back into balance…

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A Year in The Life of a Hoof


“When it comes to supporting healthy hoof growth, there are many factors to consider, but the one most horse owners forget is patience! Cracking, crumbling, chipping hooves are not a pretty sight, so many riders start their horses on a hoof supplement hoping for a quick fix…”

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Coast-to-Coast Combo Conversation


If your horse is receiving multiple supplements for joint, hoof, and coat, consider our multi-purpose supplement as an all-in-one approach. The whole country’s talking about it

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Meet Abby and Hank


“I event with my 15-year-old Quarter Horse, and when he hit his early teens I started to look for an oral joint supplement to help support his joints…”

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Meet Margo, Joe and Major Red Jacket (“RJ”)


“RJ was showing promise as a young horse, but he started to become very sore. A year ago, he was diagnosed with OCD in his stifle. The prognosis wasn’t great — his career as a show horse was in jeopardy, and early retirement was considered…”

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