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For Your Sk(information)


Clearly, healthy skin is vital to a healthy horse—but how do you know if your horse’s skin is in good shape? Your horse’s coat can serve as a report card for his skin health. A soft, shiny coat is an indicator of stellar skin condition, while a dull, rough or patchy coat likely suggests there’s room for improvement…”

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Too Hot? Too Cold? How to Find Just Right.


Would your horse pass the Goldilocks test? If it feels like you’re riding a powder keg or a drowsy slug, the right supplements might help!

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In & On: Hooves


“Keeping your horse’s toes in tip-top shape isn’t just a great way to impress handsome farriers and make your barn mates jealous, it’s an investment in your horse’s health and soundness…”

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Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?


Get the scoop on oversupplementing and undersupplementing so you can find your horse’s happy medium.

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More Muscle or Weight?


Weight gain supplements and muscle supplements are both designed to help your horse optimize his body
condition, but they work in very different ways. Not sure which one your horse needs? Read on!

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To Clip or Not to Clip?

to-clip-or-not_blog cover

Like just about everything in the horse world, the answer is “that depends on your horse.” Environment, management and personal preference all play a role in deciding whether or not to clip. Start by answering some key questions:

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Stable Smart Q&A: Winter Hoof Care with Danvers Child, CJF


What should horse owners be aware of in order to take great care of their horses’ hooves as winter approaches?

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The 360 Approach


While small changes can help, a full-spectrum program is the best way to tackle your horse’s health challenges.

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ColiCare™ Presents: Colic 101


Everything you need to know to help keep your horse’s digestive system balanced and healthy.

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3 Calming Supplements Myths Busted


Confusion about calming supplements got you feeling as anxious as your horse? Get the facts so you both can feel at ease. Myth #1 Tryptophan and Magnesium are banned substances for horses that compete. False. These nutrients are normal and

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There is No Off-Season for Healthy Joints


Does your winter joint supplement routine feel a little, well, disjointed? Just because the weather cools off doesn’t mean your horse’s joint support should. Whether your horse takes the winter off, competes on the Florida circuit, or continues the same training routine at home, he can still benefit from a joint supplement…

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Blankets: Uncovered


We put our smarts to work for you, answering all your blanket questions (including the ones you never thought to ask!).

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26 Things You Can Start Today That Could Change Your Horse’s Life


You want to take the best care of your horse, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to help. SmartPak to the rescue! We have 26 tips that can take your horse’s health from “good” to “great.”…

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Healthy Hydration


Dehydration can have serious consequences for any horse, any time of year. Inadequate water intake and mineral imbalances can cause fatigue, muscle stiffness and even colic.

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On the Road AGAIN


The old adage “better safe than sorry” applies to countless aspects of horsemanship, but perhaps none more so than trailering. To help your horse stay safe, and yourself stay sane, keep your trailer well- stocked and organized, so that you’ll be ready for anything.

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