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Meet Rebecca and Razz

Name: Razz Breed: Miniature Pinscher Mix Age: 4 Owner: Rebecca Gordon I adopted Razz from a local animal control agency about two years ago. He has always struggled with dry, itchy skin and was even waking us up in the

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Peek in our Paks – Katy M.

Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore. This Month’s Pick Staff Member: 
Katy Morse Department: 
Merchandising Dog: Maisy & Poppy Maisy

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Meet Julie and Kasey

Breed: Chocolate Lab Age: 10 Owner: Julie Keefer A couple of months ago, Kasey suddenly stopped jumping on the bed and the couch and was moving stiffly in general. Her favorite thing to do is to sleep upside down on

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Protect your dog’s pearly whites

“Do you brush your dog’s teeth? For most of us the answer will probably be “no,” but with February being Canine Dental Health Month, we wanted to look at why keeping your pup’s mouth clean can do more than freshen his breath…”

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Best Joint Supplement for Early Joint Discomfort in Dogs

“Which joint supplement would be best for a middle-aged dog that weighs around 50 pounds? He’s not lame or anything, but I’m worried that he’s starting to get arthritis because I notice he’s getting slower to get up from a nap, jump in the car, climb stairs, things like that…”

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Meet Kat and George

“We have had George since he was thirteen weeks old. He is a fantastic little barn dog! He’s always been game to hop in the truck with me, do chores around the farm, and play with the big dogs. A few months ago I noticed that George was starting to get uncomfortable at the end of hard days of playing and working…”

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Meet Robert and Sir Lance

Name: Sir Lance Gender: Male Breed: Yellow Labrador Age: 5 Owner: Robert Davis My name is Robert Davis; a disabled veteran (U.S.M.C. – retired) confined to a wheelchair and fortunate enough to have a highly specialized Trained Canine Assistant, Sir

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