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Is Your Horse At Risk?


Recent research has shown there may be things you’re accidentally doing (or not doing) that are proven to increase your horse’s risk for colic.

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If you could be any supplement, what would you be?


“In SmartPak’s playful spirit, and in the love for all those fabulous supplements that works wonders for our horses and dogs every day, I decided to pose a question to everyone at work and see just what supplement they were really made of. I asked the question: If you could be any supplement, what supplement would you be? Here are the replies (warning, these may make you chuckle)…”

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Meet Andrea and Harry


“It was instilled in me as a kid that without good feet and legs, a horse will not perform to the best of its abilities. My horse Harry is in training for eventing so having great feet is a top priority!…”

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Meet Margo, Joe and Major Red Jacket (“RJ”)


“RJ was showing promise as a young horse, but he started to become very sore. A year ago, he was diagnosed with OCD in his stifle. The prognosis wasn’t great — his career as a show horse was in jeopardy, and early retirement was considered…”

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Too Hot? Too Cold? How to Find Just Right.


Would your horse pass the Goldilocks test? If it feels like you’re riding a powder keg or a drowsy slug, the right supplements might help!

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Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?


Get the scoop on oversupplementing and undersupplementing so you can find your horse’s happy medium.

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Meet Alissa and Elijah


“When Elijah hurt his ankle last winter I started him on SmartFlex Rehab to support him in his recovery. I expected him to be stiff when his stall rest ended, but he wasn’t at all…”

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Meet Mary and Happy Hour


“My horse Happy Hour and I have been partners for five years. We started off showing in equitation, then did some jumper classes and now we’re concentrating on the hunter ring. I wanted to put him on a joint supplement because he sometimes felt stiff and uncomfortable at the beginning of our rides…”

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Peek in Our Paks – Marisa C.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore.

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Meet Dawn and Tabby


“Soon after Tabby came to our barn, we discovered that she had some unflattering ‘mareish’ behaviors. She became overly sensitive and spooky, would bare her teeth at other horses, and was so pushy and bossy that my daughter could no longer handle her…”

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Meet Claire and Vinny


“When I took Vinny to his first show, getting him tacked up was a challenge because he was nervous and didn’t want to stand still. I decided to try SmartCalm Pellets because I wanted to make sure that he has really good experiences off the farm…”

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Meet Fritz, Donna and Ravell 104


“Ravell was better known as ‘Devil Child’ before I found SmartCalm Ultra. He is one intense horse, to say the least. He’s a highly accomplished combined driving horse—in 2005 he was part of a world champion pair. He competes with everything he’s got, but he never learned to ‘turn it off ’ when not competing (or even training)…”

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Meet Kris and Kapriool (“Kapri”)


“A 15-year-old schoolmaster when I purchased him, Kapri had tons to teach. We obtained most of our Bronze medal qualifying scores together, and he escorted me to 4th Level. Last year, Kapri injured his hock playing in his turnout. After six months of stall rest and recuperation, he started back in light work…”

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There is No Off-Season for Healthy Joints


Does your winter joint supplement routine feel a little, well, disjointed? Just because the weather cools off doesn’t mean your horse’s joint support should. Whether your horse takes the winter off, competes on the Florida circuit, or continues the same training routine at home, he can still benefit from a joint supplement…

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Meet Kerrigan and Ide’s Pride (“Seary”)


“Seary was a typical skinny off -the-track Thoroughbred. Before we discovered SmartGain 4, we tried four other weight gain supplements, none of which worked…”

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