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Tom McCutcheon Wins Individual Gold

Tom and Cade McCutcheon after yesterday’s final. Photos courtesy of Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. Oh man, what a trip this has been! Everyone was very keyed up for yesterday’s individual reining final. This was it, the no-holds barred title round,

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Buck Davidson and Ballynoecastle perform at WEGs Dressage Day One

The crowd erupted as Buck Davidson entered the main arena today on dressage day one at the World Equestrian Games. So enthusiastically, in fact, that the announcer begged everyone to hold their enthusiasm for after his test. I caught a

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Team Fashion from the World Equestrian Games

Fashion comes in teams at the World Equestrian Games. Or any other world competition, for that matter, since the riders jog as teammates and wear matching outfits. For the 2010 jogs we saw a lot of ties and scarves in country colors but a few countries managed to stand out of the crowd.

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World Equestrian Games Friends (In Bronze)


The Kentucky Horse Park celebrates horses in every way including in art. In our walks around the park (up and down hills, from one side to the other and back again) there are horses in pastures, prepping in warm-up rings, and hacking across fields. There are also horses frozen in time in sculpture that capture moments we all know well.

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Welcome to the World Equestrian Games

Welcome to the World Equestrian Games at the Kentucky Horse Park! There’s so much to come but let’s start with a walk around the park with me.

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Team Spirit at the World Equestrian Games

The World Equestrian Games are as diverse and international as I’d hoped they’d be with different languages and flags around every corner. Being a lover of travel and language I’m just as happy as can be. I ran into this

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Just Your Typical Day in Lexington

It has been said before, but this is such a cool experience! The World Equestrian Games continue to amaze and impress me with all that there is to see!

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USA Wins Team Gold!

It is always great to win, especially when you know that you have competed and done your best against the best in the world. It was a great day for everyone on the USA Reining Team. Tom McCutcheon started things

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Shawn Flarida’s Run at the 2010 WEG Reining Team Competition

The Team Reining competition is wrapping up at the World Equestrian Games and Team USA still has a dominant lead. One of the SmartPak team happened to capture this video of Shawn Flarida’s run aboard RC Fancy Step that earned

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The Reiners Have Arrived!

We are here!  After months of planning, preparing and organizing, the day has finally come!  The first group from Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses and McQuay Stables arrived at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky today amid a flurry of

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Those moments that make your heart bounce…

It is Saturday of the AECs, aka “the mandatory outing” and I am at work while Amy is trying to make the US Team for the World Equestrian Games.  So this is the series of events that show up on

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Richland Park HT and a whirlwind trip…


Amy, Shelby, Leyland and just about all of the O’Connor Event Team headed east from the heat and humidity of Virginia to compete in either the Three Star or the Advanced divisions of Richland Park with their short listed horses.

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That’s my horse, no it’s not, yes it is…

Some day’s jokes are funny even without knowing the rest of the story; well then again I do know the rest of the story. Let’s just say that I know someone who may be trying to challenge me for the worst ability to recognize a horse.

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Training in Germany

Guten Morgen. Last time I updated my SmartPak blog I was still in Belgium – well a whole lot has happened since then! Ayscha was still not a happy camper with the pressure of competing at Aachen building up, so

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Here we go…

So this is a start to another grand adventure. Whether we end up at the WEG or not, it will be an interesting process. It is funny, for it almost seems like the very first time Amy was selected to represent the USA.

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